1222 Twin Flame Signs and Guidance

5 min readOct 15, 2020

The 1222 twin flame angel number is high energy and an uncommon pattern to see. It’s a sign of an approaching event (not necessarily union but something) but the triple 2 tells us this is a positive something coming.

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Meaning of 1222 twin flame

One of these number sequences we have alluded to is 1222, we are going to analyze it by its component digits, as we have said each number individually can contain a signal.

Meaning of the digit 1 in the Twin Flames

In the numerology of the twin flames, this digit 1 refers to each twin flame as an individual being, it reinforces the idea that each twin flame separately represents what it really is, it means the beginning, the undertaking, and it has to do with everything related to progress and triumph, to intuition, to the formation needed to create situations and things, to productive work and to incentive, although it also refers to greed, to will power and to the enjoyment of what is achieved with good.

The number 1 is a sign that some event will happen, for this the twin flames must direct their thoughts, their actions and all their belief that this event will happen or will happen.

The simplicity of this number directs the flames with signs to take advantage of the security in doing things well, to exploit the gift of self-leadership that they carry within them, and the excellent motivation to achieve their goals.

The number 1 among all the other numbers, is one of those that has more magnet to the positive and the one that more triumphs predicts.

As for the spiritual energy of the twin flames, the number 1 is the bearer of the signal of illumination and awakening, and this message carries with it, with the great power that it is a component of the most powerful master number.

Meaning of the digit 2 in the Twin Flames

When in the twin flames the digit 2 appears as a sign or message from the angels, it expresses balance and duality, it means that it is something for two, which can relate the two flames on the same path.

It is a sign of trust, of harmony and of attachment and admiration for what the twin flame is to pass through and for the divine purpose for which it is destined.

Meaning of the pair of digits 22 in the Twin Flames

This combination with the double repetition of the number 2 is of vital importance in the relationship of the twin flames, it is one of the master numbers, and is considered the number of the twin flames, invite to meditation by your flame, curiously the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, in the 6 days in the beginning of the times God created 22 things, from which it is deduced that the combination 22 has implicit the secret of the creation.

22 are the chapters of the apocalypse, 22 is the number of Major Arcanum in the Tarot, 22 represents spiritual light and symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, it also represents construction.

These two digits together possess all the qualities of the other numbers, it has the energy of 1, the harmony of 2, the brilliance of 3, the discipline of 4, the spirit of 5, the goodness of 6, the imagination of 7, the intelligence of 8 and the idealism of 9.

In general, seeing it in messages bestows good omens about trust and faith in the things that happen in the life of a twin flame.

Meaning of the combination of digits 222 in the Twin Flames

The meaning of this numerical combination where the digit 2 is tripled, is an angelic number that presents a message of very good energies to the flame that perceives it, your ideas are about to become clear realities, you must continue working on those processes to make them the true manifestation of reality.

Before this signal, it becomes essential that the twin flames continue to nourish their ideas with very positive thoughts, to affirm them and to visualize them in all their fullness, so that their reality is complete.

In conclusion, 1222 twin flame also has as a component the combination 12, which means a signal so that the old habits are replaced with the new thoughts, the combination 122 is another component of 1222 and is a message to get rid of fears and doubts as the only formula to achieve the triumph.

With all this we understand that the meaning of 1222 twin flame is a mixture of the signals of all the numerical combinations of which it is composed.

The new things that will happen on the way to the twin flames, the ideal way to your future, the new beginning, to get rid of all the old to be ready for all the new, that has as meaning to eliminate the obstacles on the way, great success, future of triumph, and to have the certainty that the angels even though the twin flame is not aware of it, are taking care of it and guiding it on its way to success.

Finally, we will say that this numerical combination has a marked influence of the digit 7, because the sum of its component digits gives 7, the two added three times is 6, plus the one would give 7, and that means that all the things against that you find in the way you will overcome them with resounding success.

The sign 1222 twin flame also refers to the fact that you must devote time to your family circle and to that of true friends, and communication with your twin flame must improve so that the relationship may be strengthened and both of you may advance spiritually through paths that will fill you with mutual satisfaction, and will lead you with much success to a true ascension in the spiritual field.