Can Twin Flames Be Toxic? [And What to Do]

6 min readNov 13, 2020


Can twin flames be toxic? Why are things so hard? What does all this mean and (most important) what should you do?

In short: Twin flames can’t be toxic but like most things in the journey it’s not a simple black and white issue. During earlier stages both twins can (and often do) trigger each other and this can carry many of the hallmarks of a toxic relationship. This serves and purpose in helping you both prepare for union.

Understanding the difference in a true twin flame and a toxic relationship is very important to avoid getting stuck and distracted from your journey with a false twin.

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In the universe there are paths like those of the twin flames, they are paths of very pure love, but complicated, painful, where one must experience great sadness to reach a true sublime and divine love, to ask oneself if can twin flames be toxic, we will first have to know what a toxic relationship means.

What is a toxic relationship?

They are those relationships in which the parties do not have the capacity to avoid hurting each other, one of the parties takes advantage of the other in an indiscriminate way, using and discarding it when it is no longer beneficial, causing disappointment and frustration in the other, they are relationships where both physical and psychological mistreatment occur.

How to distinguish a toxic relationship

  • The benefit is obtained by only one of the parties
  • One of the parties wants to completely control the other
  • Inequality exists in all aspects
  • One of the parties is manipulative, narcissistic and perverse
  • The affected part feels inferior and suffers from self-esteem problems
  • Freedom is lost
  • Lies and traps proliferate
  • Absence of peace
  • Communication based on deception
  • Presence of abuse of any kind

Can twin flames be toxic?

The connection that is established between the twin flames, is not common, this is a very complex connection, it is a connection of spirit, of soul, the beings that manage to be in this type of connection, are people that come to the world in several occasions to serve in many ways to Humanity, they come as indigo children, shamans, Spiritual Healers, light workers, and all these types of beings that do good.

To be in a twin-flame connection turns out to be a process that lasts a long time and brings many pains where you have to learn many lessons, relate to karmic twin souls, go through many depressions, endure loneliness and great sufferings, for so difficult moments that make you feel that everything suddenly ends.

All this does not mean that the Universe is against you; you have to go through all these situations in life, because it is the way you have to prepare yourself to go on this path that is destined to your soul since your birth.

For all these reasons, love of twin souls never will be toxic; obstacles that you must cross if they are caused by one of the flames in the relationship, obey reasons of fear of waking up on this path, fear of facing something so great and so sublime; never reason is oriented by evil or to take advantage of the other flame.

One can act causing much pain and suffering, but never infringe upon either psychological or physical harm, never attempt to manipulate or play with the feelings of the other flame, and never seek to profit from that relationship.

What happens in the twin-flame relationship is that one of the twins seeks to reject and not accept in any way what he or she feels for the being that he or she loves with all the strength of his or her heart.

Because without being toxic, twin flames have problems

In general, twin flames can be found from the time they are children or adolescents, and they get to have short but very intimate relationships, they are like that because of the lack of preparation to understand the connections of this magnitude, so they get confused very easily, reaching periods where they separate and suffer very intensely because of the lack of being able to communicate, and even if they go far away and stop communicating they will always meet again, and this is never influenced by mistreatment of any kind, or mean and harmful attitudes.

When the twin flames go through this experience they understand what they are living through, and the path they are on in spite of the tortuousness is oriented by an unconditional love full of a high energetic vibration, where there is no place for negative, harmful attitudes, so it is not a toxic relationship under any aspect, they never give away their power to another, they prepare to decide on their own destiny.

When a fight occurs between two twin flames that love each other, they solve it peacefully and always come back together, without aggression, without humiliations, without trying to take advantage of these conflicts, and without trying to impose themselves on each other, on the contrary they do their best to reach understanding.

Twin-flame relationships, like all other relationships, are not perfect, the difference is that in the twin-flame path unhealthy, aggressive, selfish and self-serving attitudes do not exist, they are not toxic, as if they could occur in a relationship of another kind.

The twin flames seek their improvement and that of their flame, they work the energy to achieve spiritual elevation, to finally find their destiny, to become one.

Far from being toxic and dramatic, twin-flame relationships are complex, despite the characteristics that make them seem impossible to manage, such as the enormous distances, the differences in age, the differences in culture, the limitations of language, they manage to overcome with energetic work to reach higher levels where these obstacles are overcome, without the need to attack or harm themselves.

Although it is true that there are stages in the path of the twin flames that seem to reach the extreme of being toxic, as in the stage of the corridor, where one of them is pursued by the other or that of separation, which happens to them irremediably, they never reach the extreme of causing themselves harm, on the contrary, their hard work of overcoming always pushes them toward their final objective, and they suffer their torments and sufferings with nobility.

The thoughts of the twin flames charged with very high energies, and with their great unconditional love they manage to act by doing miracles, with faith and total surrender to reach each one of their superior beings and achieve their fusion with a very great power that manages to heal them and reach even further, healing other beings. These extraordinary attitudes that only exist in the twin flames and the high vibrations they manage to reach do not allow the creation of conditions to be people who integrate toxic relationships, their objectives are more pure and sublime.