Guidance from Twin Flame Astrology

6 min readOct 19, 2020

Being guided by twin flame astrology is rarely as simple as you’d like (but what is simple on a twin flame journey?). It’s not going to give you a simple yes or no but it can give you some useful guidance.

Twin flames can buck the trends when it comes to astrology matchups. The historic use of star signs in a ‘normal’ 3D relationship can have such a thing as a ‘bad match’ but even if your twin is the worst combination with your sign, they’re still your mirror soul and it can still work out.

How you match with your twin flame can dictate what needs to happen on your journey towards union however. If two signs have a hard time working together or opening up to each other they still have that twin flame bond but they have that extra obstacle to overcome.

On the other hand, some twins will have an even easier time on their road to union because their signs match up so well.

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The interpretation of the movement and position of the stars, and the influence they have on the destiny and events in the life of beings, is linked to future events and provides in a significant way guides and tools for the twin flames to advance in their processes to learn and to evolve.

In twin flame astrology the analysis made about the compatibility of two flames based on their astrological charts is oriented to try to find it because of the dynamics that exist in that relationship.

This is known as synastry and the objective is to help find the reason for the events that may have occurred and even predict those that will occur.

Benefits of twin flame astrology

  • The twin flames benefit from this synastry, through which they manage to identify the main points of harmony between both flames, and take advantage of them for the evolutionary development of their relationship, and also contributes to prevent points of conflict and negative aspects for them.
  • It is through Astrology that the twin flames manage to identify the paths that lead them to find their growth and to intensify their attraction, to have an idea of how rough the route that is being traveled can be, it will be a guarantee in favor of the twin flames, a previous knowledge of how easy or difficult their journey will be and what will allow them to create strategies in advance to face what will come.
  • Astrology provides the twin flames with the possibility of finding the strengths they can use for the development of their relationship, and also allows them to identify the weaknesses they must face in order to minimize the negative aspects that can deteriorate the achievement in their spiritual growth.
  • The twin flame astrology brings to the existing relationship in a very clear way answers, these allow them to know transcendent aspects about

the processes of spiritual growth and the work that individually they must do to achieve it.

  • It is based on Astrology that the twin flames achieve a connection of their emotions, in order to build a unity of a superior spiritual level that leads both flames to transcend.
  • By the studies of synastry is that the twin flames understand what they really must do by showing themselves, to reinforce the positive in their relationship, and eliminate the negative factors that continue to repeat.

Important Aspects of Astrology in the Twin Flames

In human experiences there are things that are universal, love, the desire to be well, warmth, comfort and the search for the twin flame are among those things, so astrology through the art of birth chart comparison provides ways to find compatibilities between twin flames.

  • Sun in relation to the sun, the aspects that relate the sun to the sun presume a good omen for an astrological compatibility of the twin flames, this predicts that each flame will create a significant increase in the energy of the other twin flame, and that their individual performance will be enhanced.
  • Sun in relation to the Moon,This is called the Holy Grail for a union of twin flames; a flame with the sinastral table with this aspect is very fortunate; the Sun and Moon as natural complements mark a way to the perennial unity; he predicts that their attraction will be from the beginning to the end.
  • From Mars to the Moon, three zodiacal signs of equal distance between these two stars, announces a very powerful attraction, which will rise toward a complete fascination between the two twin flames; a lively warmth will be granted to the relationship of these souls, where the twin flame Moon will constantly feed the ego of the twin flame Mars, and this in turn will help the flame Moon to increase its value and to externalize more its feelings, which will give to this relationship great spontaneity in their mutual feelings.
  • Saturn, will provide great stability to the twin-flame relationship, augurs eternal commitment, idealized in marriage of the flames in the relationship, as long as they manage to overcome the negative vision of this aspect being seen as a burden or responsibility, the process of growth that they have to carry out will depend on the stability that is announced to be successful.
  • Jupiter, this star is the representation of the strong aspect, with too much fortune in the relationship of two twin flames, you will enjoy the opportunity to know amply and completely your twin flame, Jupiter will spill over the involved flames accumulations in such a way that they will impregnate you with everything you need to achieve the knowledge of the twin flame so desired.

During his stay in the fifth house of romance and in the seventh house of the couple, Jupiter will provide the twin flames with a magical dome so that their walk and progress will be profitable and their romance will ascend in the spiritual plane.

Astrology provides a basis for predicting behaviors and behaviors to be put into practice, thus efficiently increasing the potential for growth in the complex path of the twin flames.

Everything will depend on the care that will have to be taken, on the care that has been taken in the course of the lives of the twin flames, even on the care that their parents have given them, but the most important thing is that if they have already started on the path of the flames, they will have to walk it together and everything will depend on what each one does for the good of himself and his mirror, which is really his twin flame.

With astrology, you will have an effective tool, with which your existence will develop with the common objective of both of you to become the only being you have dreamed of, from the beginning of your walk on this path, and that probably have spent several lives, overcoming painful processes, healing karma, increasing your levels of energetic vibration and overcoming all kinds of adversities, to finally taste the elixir of consummating a definitive and eternal union of your souls.