Guide To Twin Flame Friendship

The concept of ‘twin flame friendship’ or the twin flame friendzone as you’ll hear it called is an… interesting one.

You’ll hear people argue (often) about whether or not it’s possible for twin flames to remain platonic friends and what that means I’ll leave for others to argue about.

It certainly does happen. Remember that twin flames are not guaranteed to reach union in a single lifetime and maybe this just isn’t the lifetime for you. Perhaps a friendship (whether that’s brief or long-term) is the best you’ll reach this lifetime.

Or, perhaps, it’s a stepping stone at the early stage.

Twin flames certainly can be friends. Whether it’s a good idea, whether it’ll last that way and what it fully mean is open for interpretation.

If you’re struggling on your twin flame journey, tell me what you’re going through and get a twin flame reading.

If you don’t know what twin flames are, they’re the most intense form of connection you can experience in this world. Compared to soulmates, you can have just one twin flame in this world. The notion that you can have multiple twin flames is false as they are probably just your soulmates- someone you were meant to meet to get you ready to meet your twin flame. In meeting your twin flame, they aren’t always necessarily supposed to be your significant other or partner. Other times, your twin flame can simply be a friendship- but the most powerful one you’ll ever have. In this article, we’ll be talking about a twin flame friendship.

What is a twin flame?

Not necessarily meaning romance, your twin flame is someone you’re meant to meet to fulfill a much bigger purpose than yourself. Crossing paths with your twin flame can happen at any significant moment, probably at a moment, you expected the least. When you meet them, you’ll recognize the connection and intimacy immediately. Before you meet your twin flame, you’ll have this feeling as if something is missing in your life that you can’t quite determine. The moment you meet them, everything will start to make sense. Meeting them is how you can configure all the missing and confusing pieces in your life. Since they reflect your soul, they’ll understand you and care for you in a way that nobody has ever done before. A twin flame can come in many phases, whether as a partner, a friend, a best friend, or someone else.

What is a twin flame friendship?

When you find friendship in a twin flame, this refers to a unique and powerful friendship that you simply cannot share with anyone else. When you find friendship in your twin flame, this is an incredible feeling- but it can also be intense and overwhelming. As with any twin flame relationships, the emotions that come with it aren’t something that everyone can handle. A twin flame friendship will make you feel most understood as they will literally reflect the other half of your soul, but it’s for that very reason that it can also be intense. With a twin flame, they could easily be your best friend as nobody else knows you the way you know each other. Despite its intensity, this kind of friendship is unique and is something you’d be searching for your whole life. In the following, we’ll be listing down certain characteristics in a friendship found in your twin flame.


1. No secrets

Since you literally share the other half of their soul, you can’t keep a secret from them- yes, even in a friendship. No matter how much you try, they know exactly what you feel and the same goes for you. No matter what secrets you try to hide from your friend, they’ll know it one way or another. A friendship found with your twin flame is one of the best feelings and since there are no secrets you can keep, you know for sure that nobody else can know you the way they do.

2. High understanding

Another characteristic of this powerful friendship is that they’ll understand you completely. Since you share the same soul, it’s only natural that they’ll get you on a whole different level that nobody else will. In that understanding, you’ll always share a certain type of intimacy with your twin flame. They’ll be your best friend and soulmate, all wrapped up in one. Twin flame friends make as the best person who knows you, sometimes even better than you know yourself.

3. Authenticity

There’s no need to be your perfect self around them. As mentioned, they already know exactly who you are so there shouldn’t be any pressure to change who you are. Your twin flame accepts the way you are, even with your flaws and imperfections. In a world trying to constantly be someone they’re not, friendship in a twin flame is someone you can guarantee authenticity and vulnerability. Even if you tell them your darkest emotions and secrets, they’ll never use this against you.

4. Inspiration

Your twin flame will naturally bring out the very best in you, even when they aren’t trying as hard. Since you’ve met someone who represents your soul and makes you feel understood, you’ll have the push you need to become an overall better version. Having met your twin flame best friend, you’ll want to keep improving yourself because of them. It’s as if everything that used to be extremely confusing now makes sense the moment you’ve crossed paths with your twin flame. With that inspiration comes the motivation to go out of your comfort zone and take risks you’ve never done before. One of the reasons you meet your twin flame is to unlock a certain potential in you and this is why they inspire you so much.

5. Mutual Connection

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you feel like a connection is one-sided or not met halfway. With your twin flame, you never feel like. It doesn’t matter if they’re just a friend to you- there’s always a guaranteed connection that you’ll never have with anyone else. Having that twin flame connection doesn’t just die abruptly. When you’ve crossed paths with your twin flame, you can guarantee that you’ll have that connection for a long period of time- maybe even forever.

In conclusion, I hope this article was able to shed a light on a twin flame friendship. Frankly, having a twin flame who’s your best friend is the best feeling in the world. While it’s also equally great to fall in love with your twin flame, finding friendship is just as beautiful and remarkable. At the end of the day, no matter what part they play in your life, your twin flame will play such an important role. They’ll make you feel loved, understood, and cared for. They’ll inspire you to become the best version of yourself and it doesn’t get any better than that.



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