Guide To Twin Flame Runner Soul Shock

5 min readDec 3, 2020

Twin flame runner soul shock is rough for both of you. It’s going to manifest in many different ways and almost always result in a separation phase which is painful for you.

But here’s the thing which is easy to forget.

At least you know what’s going on. You understand enough to know they’re dealing with soul shock while the runner doesn’t even have that. They’ll be trying to frame the whole thing in a a rational way which fits into their understanding of the world. Which likely doesn’t include a twin flame connection at the moment.

Soul shock is there for a reason and the sooner you understand it properly, the sooner the both of you can move past it.

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The Twin Flame Relationship

The definition of soul shock is a feeling of isolation from one partner to the other. It is a feeling of abandonment from one’s twin flame. It’s like a complete devastation, a storm in one’s soul when they are separated from the other.

Let’s look at the twin flame relationship and what it means, to better understand what a soul shock is.

In a twin flame relationship, you have one half called the runner and one half called the chaser or stayer. Before the relationship can really get started, you have one who runs. The relationship between twin flames is so spiritually intense that one gets completely overwhelmed to the point of getting scared enough to leave.

Then you have the chaser, who is left behind to wonder what went wrong. Not understanding what they did wrong to make the other leave. The feeling is earth shattering heart break. It’s hard to breathe. Their world feels like it’s spinning out of control.

That may be hard for someone to understand who has never had this kind of relationship. A twin flame is more than just your spouse or partner. It’s the other half of YOU. Imagine if you lost half of yourself, what would it feel like? This is literally what the chaser feels like when the runner leaves.


So, what makes one half of the twin flame run? First, you have to understand that twin flames are almost always on different levels of comprehension. One usually has everything together while the other one has their life less organized. Although both sides mainly follow and live by their feelings and even when they are together physically, they aren’t aware of their own spiritual reasonings. They live day by day following their heart.

For the most part, the runner takes off simply because he loves the stayer. Confusing isn’t it? The deeper the runner’s feelings, the more he feels the need to run. Why run when you love someone? Because he is afraid of being hurt. He is scared of the feeling not being returned, of it being a one-way street. This will cause him to take off.

Soul Shock

It is a soul shock when we meet our twin flame. It’s like meeting a version of ourselves. Not on a physical level but on a spiritual one. This instant connection is almost like an obsession and it’s a shock to the soul.

The stayer is more understanding of the situation and therefore better able to deal with it than the runner. A stayer will examine things and handle it straight up, deal with it. They are scared but will find a way to conquer that fear to spend more time with their twin.

Runner’s Perspective

The runner is different. Although they aren’t trying to hurt us, they run out of fear. They don’t understand the depths of their feelings. They don’t even know why they are running most of the time. They are just afraid of change.

Most runners do not want to self awaken. They don’t want to analyze themselves. They don’t want to have to take responsibility for their actions or their lives much less anyone else’s. They would rather take the road to awakening more slowly. A twin flame brings up problems for them. A stayer ends up having to deal with their other half running.

Runners Feel!

A runner will pretend to not feel anything. Truth is, they feel pain, they feel everything, they just choose to ignore it. Eventually, they do regret running. Eventually all of the feelings get to where they can no longer ignore them, and they have to face things.

Will A Runner Come Back?

At some point in their life, a runner will return, even if by accident. They regret what they lost and they come looking for their twin. They then become the chaser, It’s like the tables have turned.

Most of the time the stayer has moved on with their life and only wants to be friends at best. Both of them, at one-point, needs time to understand what has happened. Only love and understanding can help them to move on from the pain. You will have only one twin flame in your entire life but that doesn’t mean you will never be happy. We can go on with our lives, usually ending up getting married and having a family. If we are lucky, we find and marry our soulmate.

Most people think that the stayer is the only one to experience soul shock but that’s just not true. The runner will go through it too once they deal with their feelings and regret sets in.

Avoiding Soul Shock

Is there any way to avoid soul shock? Yes, there is. Either the runner has to figure out the reason he is wanting to take off, figure out what he fears and what he’s hidden deep inside and deal with the issues or the stayer has to not let anger and pain overcome them. They have to realize fast, that the runner didn’t take off because he wanted to. When we face the actual truth of things, it becomes much easier to deal with and move on with our lives.

There are ways that the chaser can help the runner avoid soul shock. One is understanding that he is probably scared of abandonment, scared of rejection. He probably has a past where he was misunderstood or made to believe that he wasn’t good enough. So, the runner needs to fully comprehend the chaser.

He needs to be made to understand that his fears are just that and nothing more. He needs to realize that the chaser will be his forever flame. That this relationship is like nothing else he has ever experienced and that his flame is not like the people who have hurt him before. Once he comes to realize he can trust in his twin not to hurt him, he has a better chance at avoiding soul shock.