Is Your Twin Flame The Same Age As You? [The Twin Flame Age Difference]

Does it have anything to do with your twin flame the same age as you?

  • The first is that a twin-flame relationship has to do with the soul, and unlike the physical, where the body ages due to years, age, the soul does not age, because it is something spiritual, something divine, no matter how many years a soul has, it will not change for some number of years, the years in the spirit are only numbers.
  • In the age of the twin flames, one can speak of eons, millions of years, because they were created eons ago as only one soul, after their creation they came to Earth, and it was there where their soul was divided into two parts, but still are only one soul.
  • After the soul was divided where the twin flames emerged, they have passed through many lives, with many reincarnations, so what is considered the age in the physical body, has no importance in the age of the twin flame.
  • Biologically, twin flames can have different ages; certainly, their physical bodies can present great differences in ages, but their souls have the same age, because they come from a division made to only one soul.

Why is there a twin flame age difference?



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