Signs Your Twin Flame Is Coming: Be Ready For An Extraordinary Experience

During the last few years many people have become aware of the existence of the twin flames union, thanks to the dissemination of spiritual knowledge in the mass media. This union is the most powerful spiritual connection that an individual can experience during this lifetime.

The goal of this type of relationship is the spiritual evolution, which is in perfect harmony with the universe. Given this wonderful reality, many people want to find their twin flame during this lifetime. The path to the twin flame takes time and patience, but eventually it can be realized.

Here are the most important signs your twin flame is coming.

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Sudden happiness

From one day to the next you feel happy for no apparent reason. Your earthly reality remains the same as ever, but you feel an indescribable joy of living. This happens because your soul is intuitive and knows that soon you will physically meet your twin flame. Although you have no idea, your Higher Self knows that you will soon begin your spiritual awakening. You should know that this state of joy accelerates the process of your meeting with your twin flame. Your vibratory frequency is high and will attract your special person. Therefore, if you feel a sudden happiness in your heart, be attentive to the people around you. Perhaps one of them is your twin flame.

You see certain signs, images, and symbols

When you are about to meet your twin flame you begin to see certain signs, images and symbols that indicate the arrival of that special person in your life. For example, you may see the sign 11:11, which indicates new beginnings. You are also likely to see certain images that signal that you are about to meet your twin flame. The most common images during this period are: white swans, dolphins, wolves and lions. These animals energetically symbolize a possible meeting with your twin flame. Also, if you feel good and happy, it is because you are finally going to meet that special person.

Dreaming of each other

The dream world actively participates in the encounter with your twin flame. That is why you have vivid dreams about your twin flame. You may or may not see its face, but within the dream you know that you are with your twin flame. There you feel happy and at ease, because you are with the person you have been waiting for. Then you wake up with a pleasant feeling, as if it really happened. You should know that the same thing happens to your twin flame, he/she dreams about you.

It can also happen that you daydream about your twin flame, until you feel absent in the earthly world. Dreaming of your twin flame brings you spiritually closer to him/her.

You are attracted to unexpected places

Lately you visit unexpected places you’ve never been to before. You hear an inner voice telling you to go to a certain place because you will like it. It could be a coffee shop, a museum, a park, etc. This is because a divine force wants to bring you closer to your twin flame, taking you to the perfect place at the right time. Surely your twin flame frequents these places and the universe wants the two of you to finally meet. During that first meeting you will connect immediately. So, if your intuition tells you to go to a certain place, do it, there could be your twin flame waiting for you.

You feel that your twin flame is by your side

One of the most incredible signs your twin flame is coming is the feeling that it is right next to you. Even though the two of you don’t physically know each other yet, you can feel each other’s presence. You want to meet your twin flame soon, but you already feel that he/ she is with you. You have not lost your sanity. This happens because the energy of your twin flame is part of you, therefore it dwells within your physical body. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the energy of your twin flame is always with you.

Interacting with your twin flame while meditating

You haven’t met your twin flame yet, but you think of him/her and can imagine what he/she is like. While meditating you have his/her image in your mind and interact with him/her. Within your imagination, the two of you talk, laugh and have a good time. That means that soon you will meet your twin flame in physical reality. In the meantime don’t talk about it with anyone, keep it in your private world. If you tell anyone about it, they might make negative comments about it. Stay away from negativity and focus on your desire to meet your twin flame.

You feel complete

Surprising as it may seem, one of the most important signs that your twin flame is approaching is feeling complete. That means you feel at peace with yourself and are satisfied with the life you have led. You realize you are complete when you feel good about yourself and are not anxious to meet your twin flame. Your vibrational frequency is very high and soon you will meet your twin flame. He/she is also a complete individual and comes into your life to beautify your reality. You will begin a spiritual journey together that will align you with universal harmony.


The signs your twin flame is coming are subtle, so you must pay attention to what is happening inside you and also what is happening around you. You must remain a positive person, meditate and let yourself be carried away by the joy you feel. That attitude will keep your vibrational frequency at a high level. With each passing day you will be closer to meeting your twin flame. Continue to work, travel, practice sports and whatever makes you feel good. Keep in mind that your twin flame is going through the same process as you, because you are destined to be together.