The Big Question: Should You Tell Your Twin Flame?

The twin flame union expresses the most powerful spiritual connection that can be experienced. Your twin flame is a perfect reflection of you, both positive and negative. That special person is the love of your life and with whom you will experience the most valuable learning.

Many people have already become aware of this romantic relationship that transcends all that is known. Everyone wants to meet their twin flame during this lifetime, even if this bond is complex. This wonderful relationship generates doubts and many wonder if it is convenient to talk openly about it with your twin flame.

Here is an analysis of whether should you tell your twin flame certain questions.

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The sacred nature of this relationship

When you have the good fortune to meet your twin flame during this lifetime this first question arises: “should you tell your twin flame that you two are twin flames?”. While many people know of the existence and significance of this sacred bond, there are also many who are completely unaware of it. At the beginning of the relationship it is not advisable to tell your special someone: “We are twin flames”, because he/she might feel disoriented by this truth. In that case, it is best to wait for the relationship to stabilize. However, if he/she is a deeply spiritual individual, you can communicate this truth to him/her.

An extremely complex bond

Those who know the nature of the twin flame union know that this bond is complex. This relationship involves self-discovery, understanding, patience, suffering, happiness, among other factors. That is why many wonder if they should alert their twin flame to the complexity of the bond. Reality indicates that it is always healthy to express your doubts, but you should always be respectful. This bond is difficult, but in the long run it generates great happiness. You should alert your twin flame that you will experience difficult situations but ultimately learn valuable lessons that will do you both much good.

Express your love

Those who are next to their twin flame wonder if they should tell them that they love them. Some people are afraid to confess their feelings and not be reciprocated. If you want to tell your twin flame that you love him/her, say so. He/She is your twin flame, therefore he/she really loves you. If he/she has not told you verbally, he/she may be shy and discreet about his/her emotions. Your twin flame probably tells you that he/she loves you in different ways: taking care of you, protecting you, through small details, etc. If you tell your twin flame that you love him/her, he/she will feel happy and fortunate to have you by his/her side. It is possible that he/she will respond that he/she loves you too. Don’t worry if he/she doesn’t, some people don’t verbalize their emotions, but that doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t love you.

Harmful emotional instability

Within a couple of twin flames generally one individual is more spiritually evolved than the other. The less evolved twin flame often runs away from the bond several times, but then returns to his/her more evolved twin flame, who has great patience for him/her. If you are experiencing this situation, you are probably wondering if you should tell your twin flame that his/her attitude hurts you very much. For the sake of the relationship, you should tell your twin flame that his behavior hurts you. Besides, he/she is not only hurting you. Your twin flame is damaging the relationship and damaging him/herself. He/she should reflect on his/her behavior and understand how wrong he/she is. Then, of course, he/she should correct his/her attitude.

Remember This

The twin flame relationship runs through your being and transcends any earthly aspect. This sacred bond generates doubts, intrigues and personal insecurities. That is why it is absolutely normal that the question “Should you tell your twin flame about a certain matter” arises. The definitive answer to every question is within you. You must express what you feel, you just have to choose the right time, place and context. Be encouraged to speak openly about your concerns regarding your twin flame relationship. He/She should listen to you and in the long run he/she will be grateful for your attitude.



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