The Male Twin Flame Feelings

5 min readDec 7, 2020


Your twin flame shares and reflects the entirety of your soul, which explains why it’s the most powerful and intense connection you can have with someone. In finding your twin flame, there’s such thing as the masculine twin. Even as you might expect the masculine twin is always male, it doesn’t always happen that way.

If you’ve crossed paths with your masculine twin, it can be a challenge to decipher their feelings and unbox them open. Even if you share souls, they aren’t as open as you expect. In this article, we’ll be talking about male twin flame feelings.

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6 Traits of a male twin flame

1. They’re distant

Male twin flame feelings are often distant and don’t tend to be open to their feelings. Due to the misconception that emotions make you fragile and weak, even if your twin flame senses what you feel, they tend to shut off their emotions. Instead, they resort to other things such as physical intimacy instead since it’s more natural. They don’t thrive with vulnerability so they naturally struggle with everything about emotions, especially negative and honest ones. They’re afraid of using their hearts so they use their minds or bodies instead.

2. They’re running

When they feel like they’re far away and running away, it’s often more to do with themselves than with you. They have this pain, devastation, grief, or brokenness inside of them that they desperately want to run away from. Of course, in order to avoid this, they need to heal completely and have the courage to face their demons. With their tendency to shut off their feeling, being transparent with their trauma and brokenness may not be easy. If you ever feel like they’re running away from your connection, it could be because they haven’t yet healed from past trauma or abuse that happened in their past.

3. They’re pulling away

When you feel your male twin flame pulling away from you, it may be because they think they’re protecting you. They may have this negative perception that they can hurt or negatively damage you so they chose to pull away from you instead to avoid doing that. Again, you can help your male twin flame heal from these things but only if he lets you do so. One of the divine purposes of twin flame connections is to help one another heal from brokenness, trauma, or abuse so you need one another to unlock your best potential. Male twin flames often have this perception that they’re not good enough to qualify for their counterparts and that they don’t deserve you as their twin flame. They might think they’re holding you back or damaging you to the point of no return. Again, you can only help your male twin flame overcome this thinking if he lets you into his vulnerability.

4. They’re being masculine

Society has this toxic and inaccurate definition of masculine where it’s defined as showing no emotions, of being put together, of being capable of handling everything. With this, it’s possible that your male twin flame may be pushing themselves away from you because of that unhealthy stereotype. Your twin flame could be scared to open themselves up to alien aspects such as emotions, fragility, and affection, which they aren’t used to. You can encourage your twin flame by introducing the healthy definition of being male, which is basically just being yourself. As their twin flame, remind them that weakness isn’t found in showing emotions, but that it’s a sign of bravery and courage.

5. They’re hard to read

They may be wearing many masks because of how this world has shaped them to become. If your male twin flame is hard to read, simply let them be and remind them that if they need you, you’ll always be there to count on. Similar to being masculine, they’re hard to read because of the many stereotypes and fronts that they’ve been dealt with their entire lives. To help them open up, encourage them to be who they are and that they don’t have to be afraid around you as a twin flame.

6. They don’t have feelings

With all their issues and trauma, they could be projecting those on you unintentionally, which is why they were attempting to push you away from the start. However, as they should already know, there’s no running away from the powerful connection you share with your twin flame. It’s not that your male twin flame doesn’t have emotions, but that they’re afraid of vulnerability and the deepest kind of intimacy. Since they’re holding on to something that they haven’t healed from yet, they don’t want to scare you off with their heavy baggage from the past. You can encourage your male twin flame to open up by initiating the vulnerability. You can try opening up first so that when they can follow in your footsteps.

How can you understand your male twin better?

Realize that not everyone naturally opens up about their feelings and thoughts, even in a twin flame connection. There are those who refuse to do this even more in a twin flame connection because of the intensity and power behind it. To get them to open up better, you should go first and you shouldn’t expect them to open up right away. They’ll do so in their own time but in the meantime, they aren’t running because they don’t care but because they want to shed you away from the pain and heartbreak.

In conclusion, I hope this article was able to shed insight into male twin flame feelings. While they can be frustrating and difficult to deal with, be patient with their perception and way of dealing with things as they may not have healed from certain things just yet. This is where your significance comes in — as their twin flame, you can encourage them towards the path of healing and enlightenment. Be there for them even in their distant and apathetic phase and mirror the vulnerability you want to see in your twin flame.