The Signs of Healing in Twin Flames

Twin flame healing can be a slow but desperately important part of the journey that too many of us overlook. Spotting the signs of healing in twin flames can tell you that you (and your twin) are moving in the right direction.

Remember, this is very rarely an overnight journey. Just because you start seeing one or all of these signs does not mean you should take your foot of the gas. It’s simply a reminder that you’re doing the right thing and your mirror soul is doing the same. Keep going.

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When in the path of the twin flames conflicts arise between the two, tolerance and patience must be used by the flame that remains more serene, it must carefully analyze the situation.

If the other twin flame is acting in an irritating, dramatic, annoying, reluctant and sensitive way, she should immediately think that because that flame is her mirror, she may be reflecting a negative part of the flame that is passive to the situation and may not realize that the conflict is being caused by herself.

How to do twin flame healing

If it is happening that a twin flame cannot get rid of conflicts or negative aspects that create them, caused by its fears, it may happen that the male twin flame will not get out of the situation.

If one of the twin flames is being affected by an addiction, or some aspect of his life, the male soul mate may be going through the same thing.

If he identifies with intelligence and acts consciously and with a willingness to overcome whatever is causing him the conflicts, be it addictions, discomforts or fears of whatever nature, or an obsession, he can achieve healing.

The two twin flames must necessarily be aware of their association as twin flames, and thus they will be able to heal each other for the first time. If one of the two abandons the behaviors that are causing the conflicts, it will become very easy to heal the other flame.

Obviously in a very normal relationship this will not happen, this happens if one of the members of the couple who are in the union of twin flames does not fight, nor contribute to resolve the differences.

But if, on the contrary, he makes an effort to try to solve the situations that he sees in the other as his mirror, and makes the decision to want to free himself from those behaviors that are the cause of the negative aspects of the relationship, it will be a fact that will achieve his healing and therefore that of his other twin flame.

For the healing to be mutual it is required that the love that each flame has for itself be the impulse to identify the causes of the differences between them and their conflicts, to resolve them with advantage for both and to achieve their healing.

What are the signs of healing in twin flames

The crisis that the twin flames live in their path, are originated when they perceive that they must reject many beliefs of what a relationship must be or reject the being that they love, being forced to detach themselves from beliefs and desires that have been part of them as individual beings to enter an expression of superior love, causes them anxiety, stubbornness and fear, so much so that it promotes negative behaviors that do not contribute anything good to the union between the flames.

If they manage to remain in force with their presence they will understand which are the patterns or behaviors they have to eliminate and in spite of those behaviors and fears the twin flames will meet and heal each other, forgiving each other and making the love they profess grow irremediably.

Seeking healing by providing opportunities to mature the emotions in your bodies, to ascend emotionally and spiritually becomes the priority of the twin flames.

After the crises that cause much pain in the twin flames one tends to run away from the relationship, the ego, the anger and their resistance the challenge of being with their twin flame leads to the abandonment of the relationship, while the other flame puts in the hands of the divinity with much faith and trust the fate of both.

She knows that in the end she will give herself in the most appropriate way and at the most appropriate time, giving her full freedom to the fleeing flame, so that it seeks to evolve without pressure and at its own pace, and she keeps a sacred space in her heart longing for its return while continuing its path to enlightenment, dedicating itself to good activities such as philanthropy and creative activities.

This stage is known as surrender, and is a sign of healing in twin flames, other signs of healing in twin flames are:

  • The Shining, when the ego is overcome and the divine energy takes over the twin flame bodies, they reach a complete spiritual awakening, it is the moment where divine love is radiated, the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies reach their maturity, gaining creativity and healing abilities that arise and are used to do good.

They come to establish a flow of divine love through their own bodies and the processes they have carried out in their spiritual work vibrating at an energetic level that evolves humanity.

  • Harmonization, the twin flames have awakened, and reach their union on the physical plane, and their energies have evolved and with the integration of these they have increased their potential, causing positive influences to open the Heart Chakra.
  • Acceleration of their Vibrations, through an arduous spiritual work, the twin flames manage to get rid of ties that prevent them from recognizing each other, and they manage to ascend through the increase of their energetic vibrations, toward levels of light.

They calm their minds and activate all the positive aspects, harmonizing their spaces and facilitating their connection using high meditation.

  • Expansion of Consciousness and Love, they have achieved a level that allows them to see beyond their limitations, facilitating the perception of messages, they become sensitive to understanding, respect, freeing themselves from bad vibes caused by hate and resentment, establishing a very loving channel of communication that heals all the wounds in their hearts.
  • Fluidity, they manage to put their energies in motion and activate the understanding in everything that involves them as a couple, as a single being.
  • Expansion of Light, the twin flames transcend duality, with their inner integration they achieve an expansion of light that illuminates the shadows, and they transcend to unlimited states of consciousness.



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