The Symptoms Of The Kundalini Rising for Twin Flames

4 min readOct 5, 2020

Focusing on your Kundalini Rising might be one of the best things you can do to help your twin flame journey along, but it’s also one of the things we barely talk about.

Please, for the sake of both you and your twin pay attention to this.

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What Is the Kundalini?

So, what do you think of when someone says the word “Kundalini”? Maybe your mind goes to coiled snakes, or what about spiritual liberation? In the Hinduism culture, Kundalini is basically a type and shadow of divine feminine energy believed by many to be found at the center base of the human spine. Kundalini is also a very important thing in what is known as “Shaiva Tantra,” in which it is highly thought of in being a mysterious power or force related to the divine feminine. When properly awakened and cultivated by means of specially tantra practices, the Kundalini energy is said to lead some to great spiritual liberation. Today, many people believe that Kundalini is also believed to be related to the supreme being in Shaktism, known as Adi Parashakti or Paradevi.

The Kundalini Awakening

The Kundalini Awakening, also known simply as the Kundalini Rising Twin Flames, is the manifested awakening of the scared energy but is not exclusive to Twin Flames. The Kundalini Awakening can happen in all human beings regarding their own ascension rising. Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening happens at various different times for each different twin soul being. Interestingly enough, because of the energy exchange that occurs between human twins, the actual ascension process that twins set out on can happen in tandem or simultaneously. Also, it is said that twins telepathy gifts actually awaken and also increase while these processes of rising ascension and awakenings happen.

With regard to Twin Flames, the Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening actually refers to the shared chakra system, not to be confused with being joined or connected by means of chakra cords as general soul mates tend to join up to one another. Even though most all twins do seem to share one chakra system, twins seem to serve as actual soulmates for other people and are surprisingly able to connect chakra cords directly to other people too. Being that they share a unique chakra system all of their own, some people find themselves actually joined through different chakra cords to individuals they actually didn’t want to join up to because of the connection of their twin flame counterpart.

Kundalini Rising Twin Flames

You may have been wondering if the Kundalini Awakening can cause an illumination of a past unawakened, Twin Flame to manifest in twins. To answer this, we can clearly see that Twin Flames are basically two halves of the same exact soul incarnate in two different human bodies. The 3rd incarnation of the human soul becomes split into two halves, one being female energy and the other half male energy. Remember, Twin Flames are actually complimentary; one will have all of the ABC traits and her partner will tend to house all of the XYZ traits. Just like 2 pieces to a puzzle that only have 2 pieces to the whole puzzle, the energy exchange that happens between twins in very important to note.

Why? As this special awakening happens, this may cause the sudden illumination of a previous and unawakened Twin Flame to surprisingly awaken again, because of the unique process of ascension and also during the motions of Kundalini rising. It is during this rising, illuminated process that soul beings will usually find that they have discovered special abilities they did not previously know they had.

How Will You Know If Your Kundalini Has Been Activated and What Are the Symptoms?

How to tell whether your Kundalini has actually been activated properly or not, is something good to ask yourself. While the slow awakening process is in play, Kundalini may be felt in different parts of the human body. This mainly depends on which Chakra is being cleansed properly as well as becoming activated. Some of the most general symptoms to look out for are things such as sudden flushes of energy, tingling, heat/cold flowing directly through different sections of the human body, twitching of various muscles, burning sensations, and sometimes even pinching may all be felt during the Kundalini awakening process.

What Should a Kundalini Experience Teach Us?

All in all, the Kundalini process is a very interesting and mysterious one. As human beings, we should remember and deeply know that we are held tightly in the loving embrace of Father God and should put our trust only in Him and Him alone for a spiritual “awakening.” Our only hope should lie in His Son Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the Cross. We are human beings, who should be illuminated in God’s light and power instead of the world’s false light. We are bound together for all of eternity by the loving embrace of God and His angelic protection around us. As you experience a Kundalini Awakening, let’s remember that our spiritual growth should always be a reflection of what God has done in us and through us.