The Twin Flame Telepathic Touch

5 min readNov 14, 2020

The twin flame telepathy touch is an interesting name for the phenomenon of connection between twin flames — even in the early stages of their journey. Having spoken to many twin flames at different stages I find it interesting to see just how many have this link sometimes without even noticing it.

It’s a bond which is always there. You don’t need to do anything consciously to activate it although some do seem to have a more conscious control of it, it’s a bond between every pair of twin flames.

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When we speak of twin flames, we must clarify that it is the same soul that has been in two different bodies, and for this reason there is a pure connection of the soul between those two bodies, and this is where we will begin to speak of twin flame telepathic touch.

What is Telepathy really?

Telepathy is basically a communication of souls, which consists of communicating at a distance using the mind, usually by transmitting thoughts, the most efficient way to establish a telepathy is undoubtedly in the twin flames.

Telepathy and the twin flames

If one of the twin flames is thinking something, the other one may surely be thinking the same thing, but it may happen that they do not realize it and come to believe that such thoughts are of themselves, when in truth what is happening is that they are thinking and feeling the same thing.

There are no ways to confirm that those thoughts and feelings that the twin flames are thinking and feeling are being shared, only by asking each other to make sure that if thoughts are being transmitted, they can find out in other ways.

Intuition plays an important role in this, by the way you act, by the things you say and even by the way you can write.

These things are not coincidences, or vagaries of the Universe, it is a connection that is established between the twin flames that allows them to highlight extraordinary psychic abilities, and one of these is the twin flame telepathic touch.

What is Twin Flame Telepathic Touch?

Telepathic touch is the ability of a twin flame to establish an instant connection to share or transmit something specific to the other twin flame and simultaneously they can do the same, and they do this regardless of how far apart they are physically from each other. To achieve this the twin flames must do many exercises, they must practice it many times, once the twin flames achieve this ability, it becomes a very strong tool to stay close and in constant communication with each other, even if one is in a different city or country than the other.

Energetic connection of the souls

Only the twin flames have a soul energy connection, because they are one soul, the ability of the twin flames to perform telepathic touches depends on the energy connection that they achieve, this is a connection that cannot be broken, and the energy that radiates is very powerful, of a very high vibration level, when used in the communication between twin flames.

The way to make these telepathic connections can be learned, this way of communication is going to depend on the level of energy that can be reached, the higher it is, the greater possibility of success in the connection will exist, it is for this reason that the main work is to reach energetic levels of high vibrations, and it is very healthy.

How to train achieving telepathic touches

The first thing to do is a cleaning of the aura, having a clean aura is as important as having a clean body, let’s see briefly some ways to clean the aura.

Bath with salts

With water you clean the dirty physical, and also the dirty energetic, adding salts to the baths makes energies flow and removes from the aura the psychic waste.


When you practice swimming your body is covered by water, and this at an energetic level contributes a great benefit to the aura, because it is cleaned by the total contact that the water when sliding by the body makes, when you swim in an ocean the benefit is more efficient by the mineral salts that it has causing that the elimination of the remainders is total.

Light of the Sun

Sunlight produces a stimulation of the flow of the body’s energies, low and negative vibrations do not exist when the body is exposed to sunlight.

Aural Meditation

This type of meditation provokes the liberation of negative energies and helps to relax, with it a cleaning of the channels through which the energy flows and of the chakras is achieved.

To truly feel love and have a well established relationship based on this feeling is essential before initiating telepathic contacts, also try with the twin flame meditation.

You must strive to forgive the harm that has been done to you, and try to resolve all conflicts in which you may be immersed, once you are cleansed of negative energies and prepared to be in the right place with the other twin flame, at which point you can attempt to initiate telepathic contact.

The telepathic touch

A pleasant position for meditation is sought, the place should provide tranquility, where you are alone, without noise or disturbance.

The next step will consist of lighting incense sticks, lighting a candle to clean the place of low energies, using healing crystals can be sapphires or amethysts, relaxing until you reach a state of meditation, projecting in your mind the image of the other twin flame.

At this point you must try to enter the energies of the other flame, with the intention of being with it for a period of time, it is time to feel what the other twin flame will feel, the feelings and thoughts will be synchronized, and we will think what she will be thinking, At that moment you must allow a complete surrender to your other flame.

In telepathic communication you must express the feeling that you cause, using your own body as if it were the body of the other flame, feeling deeply that it is the body of the other flame.

Everything related to the sense of touch must be emphasized, feeling love deeply, so that in this way the twin flame feels loved.

The telepathic touch makes you feel physically and so will be what by the high energetic vibration that has been achieved will be transmitted to the other flame. This touch is an incredible ability developed by the twin flames to always be close even when they are far away.