Twin Flame Chakra Pain: How To Deal With It

Connection point

The heart chakra is the one that connects your energy with that of your twin flame, so you feel pain and happiness through this energy point. Divine love passes through both of you through the heart chakra. That is why you feel deeply connected to each other even though you are miles apart. This energy point is very powerful, so you will feel connected to your twin flame no matter what the circumstances are. Through this energy point you can also experience negative feelings like stress, despair and hopelessness. As time passes you will learn to handle the intensity that comes with a twin-flame relationship. This will facilitate the development of your spiritual journey and the reunion with your twin flame.

This is how the pain of the heart chakra is expressed

The twin flame heart chakra pain has an energetic basis because when the twin flames are first met the physical and spiritual body undergoes radical changes. Both energies contact and tune in so that the spiritual journey begins and the twin flames reach spiritual evolution. The twin flames experience a true energy revolution, which is quite uncomfortable. Physically they feel pain in the chest, variations in blood pressure and palpitations in the heart. The discomfort can even influence the arms and hands. You should know that you are not sick, but you are experiencing physical discomfort of energetic origin, because your twin flame journey has begun.

The best way to deal with this pain

There are several ways to deal with the twin flame heart chakra pain. The first thing you should do is to carry out an energetic cleaning of the body through different methods: purifying baths, harmonizing with sounds, cleaning through crystals, etc. Meditation is another highly effective way to deal with this problem. This mental exercise allows you to meet your own essence and raise your vibrations. Prayer is another efficient method to relieve the pain of the heart chakra. Communicating with spiritual beings like the angels can lead you to a deep inner peace that will ease the pain you feel in that energy point.

Dealing with fatigue

You should know that the journey of twin flames is really exhausting and will consume a lot of physical energy. Keep in mind that you are expending a lot of energy in contacting your twin flame. In addition to feeling pain in your heart chakra, you will also feel that you are running out of strength to cope with such an intense relationship. That is why you need to rest properly and get your energy back. Connect to the heart chakra every day, mainly through meditation. In this way, this energy point will always remain open and will flow naturally, without being depleted. Deliberately control the energy of the heart chakra, so that your journey of twin flames is wonderful.

Heart chakra: this is how it manifests itself if it is blocked

When two twin flames pass through the separation stage they experience deep pain in the heart chakra. The pain is so intense that it can block that energy point. This blockage manifests itself in several ways. First, you feel disillusioned with love and mistakenly believe that no love relationship will work in your life. Physically you could suffer a heart attack, feel back pain, chest pain and even pain in your lungs. To open your heart chakra you must heal internally by having faith in love again. Do not let yourself be carried away by negative experiences from the past. Maintaining a positive mentality will also help you to reunite with your twin flame again.

The best way to eliminate pain from the heart chakra

As you can appreciate there are several ways to deal with and overcome twin flame heart chakra pain, however you should know that the best way to overcome this problem is by developing a deep self-esteem. When you go through the stage of twin flame separation focus on your goals and personal success. Remember to be grateful that you have met your twin flame during this lifetime, as few have that same opportunity. If you develop this positive attitude you will raise your vibrations and return to your twin flame sooner than expected. You and your twin flame have already connected, so you are going to get back together.


The heart chakra is the point of connection between two twin flames. When they meet the physical body experiences an energy revolution that generates pain in this energy point. When two twin flames separate temporarily the heart chakra experiences pain again. This problem is solved through self-love, meditation and a powerful faith in the reunion with your twin flame. Maintain a positive mindset during this process. Two twin flames were born to be together and evolve to a higher spiritual level.



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