Twin Flame Chaser Moves On: Keys To Understand This Situation

When the twin flame chaser moves on it can have a whole bunch of different results on a journey and, while it seems counterintuitive, it’s sometimes the first step of moving towards union.

When the chaser truly moves on they’re giving the runner a chance to breath. A chance to grow and prepare themselves for the next stage together.

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A twin-flame relationship reflects the most powerful spiritual connection an individual can experience during this existence. Two twin flames are made up of the same energy essence and are united before incarnating into this physical reality. They separate to live this earthly experience and then meet to evolve spiritually. That evolution leads them to become part of the Source and thus be in harmony with the universe. In a twin-flame relationship one individual is more evolved than the other and is called a chaser. The other twin flame, less evolved, is called a runner.

The twin-flame relationship goes through several stages and one of them is separation. During this period the twin flame chaser looks for the twin flame runner to get back together. The twin flame runner is not ready for such an intense relationship and refuses to return. One day the twin flame chaser moves on because he/she has had enough of this situation. Although these twin flames are meant to be together, they first go through several complicated circumstances

A question of spiritual evolution

The twin flame chaser has evolved spiritually and is aware that he/she is experiencing a twin flame relationship. He/She knows that this relationship is very important to continue to progress spiritually and thus achieve fusion with the Universal Source. During the separation phase the twin flame chaser tries to convince the twin flame runner to get back together. If he/she does not succeed, the twin flame chaser moves on and tries to start a new relationship with different people. Maybe he/she thinks that who he/she thought was his/her twin flame was actually a fake twin flame. If the twin flame runner does not try to get his/her twin flame chaser back, the twin flame relationship fails in this lifetime. They will have to wait for a next lifetime to realize the bond.


In some cases the twin flame chaser stops looking for the twin flame runner for a while. During that period he/she reflects on this relationship and understands that he/she cannot live without his/her twin flame. Once again he/she returns to look for the twin flame runner to be together again. Persistence is a virtue of the twin flame chaser, who is aware of the incredible spiritual connection he/she has with his/her twin flame. However, this virtue can be detrimental to him, as it could push the twin flame runner further away. The best thing the twin flame chaser can do is give the twin flame runner room to meditate and understand for him/herself that living a twin flame relationship is the best thing that can happen to him/her in life.

A new perspective

Sometimes the twin flame chaser moves on because he/she prefers to analyze the complicated situation he/she is experiencing. He/She has not given up on meeting his/her twin flame, but wants to get a new perspective on the phase of separation that he/she is experiencing. He/She wants to find the best solution for everyone involved. The twin flame chaser analyses the two options: to wait until the twin flame runner realizes the strong bond that unites them or to forget about his/her twin flame definitively. The first option generates a lot of pain, since you would lose the love of your life. The second option indicates a new beginning. That means that the twin flame chaser would be encouraged to meet other people. However, this decision is uncertain, since there is no guarantee that he/she will fall in love again. It should be borne in mind that the twin flame chaser may believe that he/she was interacting with a fake twin flame. If so, he/she will be looking for a new twin flame.

An amazing relationship

The twin flame chaser is looking for the twin flame runner because he/she wants to recover the wonderful bond they had. The problem is that the twin flame chaser is aware that nothing beats a twin flame relationship. He/She has evolved enough to understand that a twin flame relationship is the best thing that can happen to you in life. Unfortunately the same is not true for the twin flame runner, who did not go through any consciousness raising and does not realize that he/she is missing out on a fabulous relationship like a twin flame relationship. Anyway, you have to know that at some point the twin flame runner understands everything that it means to be in a twin flame relationship. Then it depends if the twin flame chaser is willing to wait for him/her or if she/he get tired of him/her. We must keep in mind that if they are true twin flames the universe will bring about the consummation of such a wonderful relationship.

A matter of time

For a twin-flame relationship to take shape during this lifetime, it is necessary to make intelligent use of time. For this reason the separation phase should not be allowed to last too long. The twin flame runner would get used to living without his or her twin flame and would never go out to retrieve it. On the other hand, the twin flame chaser could get depressed during this long period and decide to give up a twin flame union. These serious mistakes would lead the twin flames to cancel their relationship in this lifetime. Therefore, they could wait one or several lifetimes to be reunited. The union of twin flames occurs only once in a lifetime, so one should strive to realize it as soon as possible.


Sometimes the separation stage between two twin flames is too hard and the twin flame chaser moves on because the situation has worn out too much. That decision opens up new options. The twin flame chaser may go out in search of a new twin flame because it believes it was interacting with a fake twin flame. There is also the possibility that the twin flame runner realizes his/her mistake and wants to go back to his/her twin flame. Whatever the circumstance, know that twin flames, if true, will always end up together.