Twin Flame Communication In Dreams [Why, What and How]

5 min readOct 2, 2020

Understanding twin flame communication in dreams can help make your entire journey towards union smoother. Even during tough periods of silence and separation where you and your twin might not be speaking, this kind of telepathic connection is always running.

We dream every night, multiple times. Even if you never remember a single one (this is something you can practice) but all of us dream. Communication in a dream is… much, much different to talking in the 3D face to face or through a phone. Communicating through dreams is where we are at our most free.

There are no inhibitions, no ego this kind of connection guides us but frustratingly, very few of us ever remember most of these conversations. Sometimes we might remember meeting a twin flame in a dream, but it usually happens way more often than you remember.

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What is telepathy and dream communication between twin flames?

In order to fully understand the concept of non-verbal communication between twin flames and to be able to master it, the first thing we must do is know exactly what it is, and that is what we are going to talk about next.

People are composed of energy, which makes us vibrate in one way or another. All people have a unique vibration but that doesn’t mean that we can’t move in very similar frequencies to other people, just like it happens when you meet your twin flame. The first sensation you have is of feeling things that don’t belong to you, as you begin to feel the pain of another person totally outside of your life and your body feels it as if it were its own feeling.

This phenomenon is called twin-flame telepathy, which can manifest itself with greater or lesser intensity depending on the spiritual capacity of each of the parties. The communication between twin flames is something really complex and not all twin flames get to achieve it, being able to be manifested from intuitions, communication in dreams, astral projection or visual or verbal communication.

Here are three examples of telepathy between twin flames that are very common:


One of the first forms of communication between twin flames is that which occurs through shared intuition, where both parties feel totally connected without the need to be in the same place, or maintain any type of visual or verbal contact.

For example, you are at home working and suddenly feel a deep sense of anguish and sadness. As this happens to you, your twin flame is on its way home thinking about its problems and how bad it feels about something that has happened to it throughout the day. As your twin approaches home, that feeling of sadness increases and you feel all kinds of emotions that are foreign to you.

After a while, when your twin walks in the door, you look at each other and you know: there is no need to explain anything because you have already felt everything. That is the first manifestation of telepathy between twin flames and it is really impressive to be able to feel it fully.

Physical Pain

Another form of non-verbal communication that can occur between twin flames is that which involves experiencing physical sensations beyond the emotions. It is important to emphasize that for this type of telepathy to take place, the connection between both twins must be total and the sensory capacity of both people must be very high; we are talking about feeling the physical pain in time of another person who is miles away from us, which is really difficult.

We give you an example so that you can understand it better: You are at your work desk and suddenly you begin to notice that your right leg is pricking you, it is a sharp and dull pain that you do not understand, since you have been sitting at your table all morning and you have not had any blows. What is happening then? You probably have a twin flame if you have suffered a blow.

Across town, at the same time that you’ve started to feel that pain in your leg, your twin llama has been in a motorcycle accident where her leg is trapped under the vehicle; she feels a sharp, uncontrollable pain in her leg and is suffering and crying out for help all the time. Obviously you don’t know this has happened until much later, but the connection has already been made. The telepathy between you and your twin flame is physical and emotional, therefore it is complete.

Dream Communication

Communication in dreams between twin flames usually occurs when the two people are physically separated. Therefore, when they fall into a deep sleep their minds seek to connect through their subconscious with the other person, so that they can communicate with each other despite the distance.

For this dream telepathy to occur, however, the physical attraction and desire to be together must be mutual on the part of the twins and really intense. Otherwise, the connection through dreams would never be successful and only one party would dream of the other but never meet. Telepathy in dreams can occur in different ways, the most usual being that both twin flames meet in the same dream, that they use astral projection to travel together in the same dream, or that one of the two can influence in a totally conscious way the dream of the other to get to be together.

This communication in dreams is the most powerful of all, since it is precisely while we sleep that our feelings are released and do not encounter the usual mental impediments that people use to put aside our emotions, such as ego or anger. In dreams the twin flames that are truly missed are sought and found, being the most sincere and powerful form of non-verbal communication of all.