Twin Flame Dream Messages

What are twin flame dream messages? What to do they mean and how do you use them?

My first post on Medium was on twin flame communicating in dreams because I think it’s such a powerful tool you can use in your journey but it’s talked about so little. The communication you have with your twin in dreams is so free and unhindered.

It happens way more often than we ever remember but it is something you can use to actively send messages to your twin flame through dreams.

If you’re struggling on your twin flame journey, tell me what you’re going through and get a free twin flame reading.

When you are in a relationship or even when you just meet them, you may even see your twin flame a lot in your dreams. The only explanation in your mind that might come up is that it is because all the time your twin flame is on your mind.

To some degree, that is right, but there are other explanations as well.

As they are one in fact, your souls want to communicate and you do not have time to enter in the 3-D world; your dreams become the mode of communication and interaction.

Your soul wishes to send a special message about your coming physical union with your twin.

For an easier journey ahead, these dreams support each other and remove the ego from your relationship.

Coming Together

If the time is right that you are about to meet your twin flame, then you may be more aware of numbers turning up repeatedly in your life. Or this could be symbols that you see in unexpected places at unexpected times (your twin soul may also be experiencing the same thing at the same time!). As these synchronicities become more frequent then you can be sure your meeting (physically or astrally) is just around the corner.

I Must Be Dreaming

Sometimes you may meet with your twin flame in the astral world when you are asleep. You may not even remember this but may wake up with a sense of happiness, joy and contentment that you cannot reason why. Twin flames will often share the same dreams and twin flame dream messages may flow between you. If you are not very good at remembering dreams ordinarily, you may notice these as they will take on a different quality to the clearing dreams we all have.

The twin flame dream messages will be experienced by both of you and usually in the same way, whether you remember the actual content properly or not. Very often the dreams are very vivid and they can be full of joyful emotions and love. In fact, you may even dream about physical love with your twin flame. When you awaken your emotions will be intense and joyful, although you may feel a little sad that you cannot continue with the union.

The First Meeting

The dream state is often the first time twin flames meet each other (as they can be very far from each other in a physical environment) and this is often where the energies are activated.

More Twin Souls Are Meeting

One of the beauties of global connectedness today by the power of the internet and other smart means, is that we can also connect with twin flames. This was previously not something that could be accomplished, which is why it is no surprise that more and more twin flames are able to meet in the physical world after bonding in the dream state.

Practice Lucid Dreaming

In order to connect with a twin flame on the astral plane you could focus on lucid dreaming. This will help sharpen your ability to remember more fully your activities when asleep. You will also be able to guide where your journeys go and you can specifically program yourself to connect with your twin flame. That way you will be able to improve the ability to communicate twin flame dream messages.



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