Twin Flame Karma: Work On Oneself To Achieve Harmony

4 min readJun 11, 2021

The twin flame union expresses the most intense spiritual connection that can be experienced. Over the last few years many people have become aware of the existence of this wonderful bond. For this reason there are many who want to experience a twin flame relationship during this lifetime. What few know is that the twin flame karma can represent an obstacle to the happiness of this couple. Fortunately both members of the couple can work on themselves to solve this problem. Once they manage to be at peace with themselves, both twin flames are ready to build a harmonious bond.

Manifestation of karma in a twin flame relationship

A twin flame relationship entails a deep inner transformation that then makes us better individuals. Before a twin flames couple establishes a solid relationship, the two go through personal crises that make them question every aspect of their lives. A couple of twin flames separates several times, they have a hard time living together and they can’t understand each other, despite sincerely loveing each other. This happens because each twin flame must resolve a karma generated in previous lifetimes. Each twin flame reflects to the other what she has to solve with herself and then evolve spiritually.

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Self love

The first step in resolving twin flame karma is to love oneself. Then that love will be reflected in earthly reality, then your twin flame will also love you unconditionally. Work on your self-love and start thanking all the good you already have around you. Then dedicate yourself to doing everything you really like: work on what you are passionate about, cultivate your best friendships, travel to dream places, etc. All of that helps you to be satisfied with yourself and therefore you will be aligned to an ideal twin flame relationship. You will become a strong individual, who can overcome any obstacle that the karma of past lives puts in your way.

An open mind

Once you have managed to love yourself unconditionally you are ready to solve karmatic issues generated in previous existences. It is convenient that you accept your karma with love and keep your mind open to the changes you need to make. Having this good predisposition will facilitate the resolution of your karmatic conflicts. You should be grateful that you found your twin flame during this lifetime, as he/she is fostering your awakening of consciousness, which will elevate you spiritually. You will see that your problems begin to be solved easily and you will finally be able to reunite harmoniously with your twin flame.

You haven’t known your twin flame so far

Twin flame karma can also manifest itself in those individuals who have not yet met their twin flame during this existence. Time passes and you haven’t found your twin flame. The reason that happens is because you have to heal inner wounds to make you feel good about yourself. Then you must enjoy your life fully by doing what you truly desire. Be happy with yourself now and that attitude will lead to your encounter with your twin flame. Never be aware of whether or not you meet that special person. Focus on your well-being and when you least expect it your twin flame will appear in your life.

Your twin flame is with someone else

Karma can be expressed in different ways in a twin flames bond. It usually happens that you have met your twin flame and you are married and he/she is married and even has children. This complex situation is manifesting a karma from past lives. You and your twin flame must learn various lessons and then reunite during this lifetime. The people involved: your husband, your twin flame’s wife and the children, are part of the learning process that you must acquire before you join as two twin flames. This circumstance is difficult to get through, therefore the most important thing is to stay calm. If both are patient and take into account the well-being of all involved, the situation will resolve itself.


Twin flame karma is part of the dynamics of this sacred bond. The keys to overcoming it are self-love, patience, understanding and being aware of the importance of a relationship of twin flames in our evolutionary path.