Twin Flame Magnetic Pull: A Signal From The Universe

5 min readDec 2, 2020


The twin flame magnetic pull is an intense connection pulling two mirror souls together before they’ve ever physically met on the 3D — and back together after periods of separation.

It’s an important force in your journey and understanding it can help you navigate difficult stages.

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We all want to know the love of our life during the course of this existence. We want to find him/her somewhere but we don’t even know how to start. We ask the universe to send us signals so we know if we will meet that special person. The reality is that the universe does send us clear signals, so that we know we have found the right person. That man or woman is our twin flame. The loving relationship between two twin flames is the most powerful spiritual connection a person can experience in life. When we find that special person we feel a twin flame magnetic pull that comes to completely transform our reality.


When we meet the great love of our life we feel a twin flame magnetic pull that includes physical attraction, spiritual connection and mental attraction. The reason we experience such feelings is because we have always been attached to our twin flame. Before incarnating into this earthly reality you and your twin flame were one and the same energy essence. That means that twin flames are two souls who share the same energy. Then those two souls separate and incarnate in this earthly reality to face a spiritual learning. At some point in life the twin flames meet and recognize each other. Together they complete the spiritual journey and evolve happily.

Perfect mirror

When you meet your twin flame you both feel an incredible connection that manifests itself through a magnetic attraction. This happens because twin flames are perfect mirrors of each other. Your twin flame reflects your noblest virtues and also your worst defects. The encounter with your twin flame is truly revealing and can even be intimidating. You both know what the other is thinking and feeling, so you feel too exposed. You feel that you have lost privacy because your personality has been revealed to your twin flame. That can lead to twin flames splitting up because they can’t take that much intensity. However, that separation is temporary and then you come together again at some point in your life.

Activation of chakras

The attraction between two twin flames is so magnetic that it activates the seven chakras of our body. According to Hindu wisdom the chakras are seven vortexes that are located in different parts of our body and allow the energy to flow naturally. These energy points represent the union of body, mind and spirit. When you meet your twin flame, all the chakras are activated and you feel a powerful energy that positively influences your body, mind and spirit. This happens because you have met that special person with whom you share the same energy essence. You and your twin flame have already embarked on the spiritual journey to which you were destined.

Parallel lives

The powerful connection that twin flames manifest is reflected in the lifestyle that each has led. When two twin flames meet they discover that they have led incredibly similar lives. For example: both have been married, both had three children, both lived in foreign countries, etc. This shows that they have a lot in common and have made the same decisions over the course of their lives. Remember that you both share the same original energy and therefore have led parallel lives. This indicates that together you will evolve spiritually until you reach the fullness of Being.

Mutual Recognition

When you first meet you feel a strong spiritual, mental and physical connection because you know you are in front of your twin flame. You simply know that you have met the great love of your life, represented in your twin flame. There is something within you that indicates to you that he/she is the person you have been searching for all your life. You need your twin flame to feel complete because it is through your twin flame that you will reach spiritual fulfillment. Because of its intensity, the loving relationship between two twin flames is complicated, but it takes a great deal of learning that will uplift you spiritually.

Fluid communication

The magnetic attraction felt by two twin flames is also reflected in the fluid communication they have while developing their love relationship. They understand each other perfectly and can even guess what the other is thinking. The coexistence between them is optimal and if they discuss, they know how to solve it. They complement each other perfectly, that’s why they attract each other so much from the beginning. This shows that they cannot be separated because they have been energetically united since before they were born. However, when two twin flames separate they experience great pain, which causes them to come back together at some point.

High vibratory frequency

When two twin flames meet they raise their respective vibratory frequencies, that is why they feel this fabulous magnetic attraction. When you meet your twin flame you feel immediately complete because he/she has your same energetic essence. Your twin flame will show you the wounds you need to heal, the defects you need to correct and the virtues you need to develop. Logically you also teach all of this to your twin flame, because you are together to evolve. Keep in mind that the union between you two is so important that it influences the universal balance. That means that the loving relationship you have can positively influence those around you.

Final Thoughts

The twin flame magnetic pull you feel when you meet the love of your life reflects the incredible spiritual connection you have. You are actually the same energetic essence manifested in two different souls. You meet during this earthly experience to evolve spiritually and eventually merge with the energy of the universe. When you first meet, you recognize each other as the twin flames that you are and you embark together on a spiritual journey that will lead you to the fullness of Self. You are destined to be together and you must take advantage of this loving relationship to polish every aspect of your personality.