Twin Flame Pain Of Being Apart: A Necessary Learning

5 min readDec 2, 2020


The twin flame pain of being apart is frustrating and exhausting but it’s an important part of your journey. You might hear all the good sides of the twin flame connection but the road to union with your mirror soul is rarely easy.

You (both) still have work to do before you’re ready and it’s not that the universe wants you to be in pain — but it’s often part of pushing our boundaries and growing to the stage where we’re ready to continue.

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The twin flame relationship expresses the greatest spiritual connection that a human being can experience during its existence. We have a single twin flame over the course of a lifetime. The twin flames were created by the same energetic essence before embodying in this physical reality. They separate to experience an earthly life. They are then found again to begin together a spiritual journey that will lead them to a spiritual evolution. This evolution will benefit themselves and positively impact universal harmony. The twin flame relationship goes through several stages and one of them is the separation. The twin flame pain of being apart is devastating for both. That stage can last for a long time, leaving a great learning for both twin flames.

Severe pain

A twin flame relationship is composed of two people with different level of spiritual evolution. One is more evolved than the other and is called chaser. He/she is aware of experiencing a twin flame unity. The other twin flame, called runner, is not spiritually evolved, as it has not experienced any awakening of consciousness. Despite this difference, both suffer separation with the same intensity. That pain occurs because both twin flames are destined to be together and when they are separated they are cornering their own happiness. They need each other to feel complete, learn from each other, and realize that spiritual evolution they so desire.

The twin flame pain of being apart leaves valuable teachings to both involved. They have to be open to learning that will change their lives forever.

Chaser: hopelessness

The twin flame chaser is devastated that the twin flame runner has decided to end the relationship and has left. He/she feels totally confused and does not understand how a relationship that seemed perfect has ended in the worst way. The twin flame chaser knows that he/she has done everything right and that he/she has done his/her best to make the relationship work. The reality is that the twin flame runner was not prepared for such a deep relationship and that is why he/she preferred to leave. Faced with this context, the twin flame chaser tends to insist that he/she return to have the wonderful relationship they had before. This attitude further pushes away the twin flame runner, who cannot tolerate such an intense bond.

Runner twin flame: fear

The twin flame pain of being apart is experienced with such a strong intensity that it becomes unbearable. It should be noted that in a twin flame relationship all aspects of the personality of both involved are revealed. The twin flame runner feels that he/she has lost privacy and many wounds from the past have once again manifested themselves in the present. He/she feels a deep fear of showing him/herself as he/she is because deep down there are aspects of himself/her displeasure. There’s something very important that everyone should know: the twin flame runner doesn’t run away from the twin flame chaser, but flees from himself. The reality is that there are many aspects of him/herself that he/she does not like and that’s why he/she does not want them to manifest outwardly.

Unknown aspects of twin flame separation

Few know that during a twin flame separation the twin flame runner still loves the twin flame chaser. Since separating the twin flame runner can’t enjoy any aspect of life, feels empty and can’t love anyone. He/she can only be happy with his or her twin flame, because no one will understand him/her better than Him/her. The twin flame runner flees his own feelings and makes serious mistakes. He/she can marry someone else and start a new family. That makes him/her feel worse than before and then he/she deeply regrets what he/she did.

The twin flame chaser may also fall in love or marry with other people, but he/she will never have as perfect a relationship as he/she had with his/her twin flame runner.

A difficult but positive process

The twin flame pain of being apart carries deep distress, but despite that it is a positive process. This intense pain helps the twin flame runner initiate an awakening of consciousness and understand that he/she has embodied in this earthly reality to evolve spiritually. The twin flame chaser learns to develop understanding and patience during this tough stage. He/she is more evolved than the twin flame runner and therefore never develops negative feelings towards him/her. This process is actually an apprenticeship that prepares both twin flames to be together again. Finally they understand that they cannot be separated and when they are back together it is forever.

A pain that can be overcome

The pain that this separation generates can be overcome. The first thing to do is to develop a self-love that raises the personal vibratory frequency. Then there is a positive attitude that allows us to feel gratitude for having met our twin flame during this lifetime. In addition, there are several healthy habits that twin flames can follow to foster reunion with the love of their lives. That’s why it’s necessary to eat properly, exercise and get enough sleep. The practice of meditation is also highly recommended to find inner peace during this complex stage. You also need to continue to grow as an individual, study, travel and plan new goals.

Finally, it is necessary to maintain a positive mindset because we will be with our twin flame again whatever the circumstance.

Final thoughts

The separation stage experienced by the twin flames produces unbearable pain that ultimately leaves valuable teachings. They finally understand that being together they will experience a unique happiness that will make them feel full in every way. They can’t go against such a beautiful fate, as they will only get to hurt themselves. They should know that if they follow a healthy lifestyle, practice meditation and maintain a positive attitude they will accelerate their reconciliation with their twin flame. The twin flame unity will lead them to a spiritual evolution that benefits them themselves and inspires others to initiate their own awakening of consciousness.