Twin Flame Runner Awakening: Understanding A Complex Process

Here is what has happened

A twin-flame relationship reflects the true identity of each member of this couple. They are part of the same energetic fabric, therefore there are no secrets between them. Each one knows what the other feels, thinks, dreams and even what they will do in the future. This honest relationship can be overwhelming for the twin flame runner. He/she does not feel ready for such an intense bond, since they have unhealed wounds from the past. The twin flame chase feels devastated and does not know what to do. However, they are destined to be together and the twin flame runner awakening will inevitably happen.

What really happens at the stage of separation

During the separation stage both twin flames suffer and feel hopeless. The twin flame chaser does not understand what happened and fears that he/she will not return. The twin flame runner also has a hard time, even if she/he gets married and has children with someone else. To begin with, the twin flame runner doesn’t enjoy anything he/she does, no person likes him/her as much as his/her twin flame or any love relationship will satisfy him/her. He/she thinks about his/her twin flame every day, he/she still loves it but is not able to experience a twin flame relationship.

Twin flame chaser: options

The twin flame chaser is devastated because the twin flame runner decided to split. He/she is a spiritually evolved individual and is aware that he/she is experiencing a twin flame relationship. Therefore he/she knows that they are meant to be together. The twin flame chaser is faced with the dilemma of waiting for the twin flame runner awakening or forgetting about him/her. There is also the option of starting a new relationship with other people. In addition, the twin flame chaser may think that he/she was not really his/her twin flame and maintained a relationship with the wrong person.

Life goes on

The twin flame relationship is over, but the twin flame chaser is hoping that he/she will return. The separation stage is difficult to overcome, but it can also be very positive as it serves to make the twin flame runner think about his/her behavior. The best thing the twin flame chaser can do is to focus on him/herself, meditate, do good to others and dedicate him/herself to do what he loves so much. He/she should never insist that the twin flame runner come back, as that attitude would make the situation worse. For this hard circumstance to be transformed for the better, time must be allowed to flow naturally and everything must resolve itself.

Factors leading to the awakening of the twin flame runner

When the twin flame runner is away from the twin flame chaser it feels empty and very unhappy. He/she lacks inner peace because he/she is separated from the great love of his/her life. It is possible that he/she will have other relationships or even marry another woman/man, but that will make the circumstances worse. The most perfect love relationship is only between two twin flames. This context leads the twin flame to reflect and understand for himself that he/she has made a serious mistake. In that instant the twin flame runner awakening takes place. He/she finally understands that only his/her twin flame can satisfy him/her in every way.

A new perspective

When the twin flame runner goes through an awakening of consciousness he/she begins to perceive reality differently. The twin flame runner understands that he/she can only be happy if he/she is next to his/her twin flame chaser. They are two souls sharing the same energy essence. That is why they have to be together to walk the path of life for which they were destined. The twin flame runner sees certain aspects of reality that he did not see before because he was not sufficiently prepared spiritually. The enlightenment of the twin flame runner can take quite a while, but whatever happens, he is destined to be with his/her twin flame.

A necessary process

The separation stage is the hardest stage to go through in the journey of two twin flames. Although it may seem surprising, this process is necessary and even beneficial. The twin flame runner needs to separate from his twin flame chaser to go through an awakening of consciousness and initiate spiritual evolution. Furthermore, this separation helps him to value his twin flame chaser as he deserves, because he is the only person who can make him happy. The twin flame runner understands that he is wrong and that being away from the love of his life hurts too much. Another positive aspect of this difficult stage is that the twin flame runner finally accepts his feelings and follows the dictates of the soul.


The awakening of consciousness experienced by the twin flame runner is a positive process for him/her to begin his/her spiritual journey. Twin flames are meant to be together, no matter what the context. This soul union is so important that it can raise the vibratory frequency of the planet and inspire many people. That’s why any process that has to be gone through is worthwhile.



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