Twin Flames And God: The Lord Watches Over Our Happiness In Love

What the Bible says

During the reading of the Bible we will notice that the term “twin flames” never appears. However, this does not mean that twin flames do not exist for God. He wants us to spend our entire lives together as a single romantic couple, under the sacred structure of marriage. That coincides with the concept of twin flames, since there is only one twin flame for each individual. Twin flames in the Bible are never mentioned directly, but there are biblical ideas that relate to this sacred bond. In the book of St. Matthew, Jesus says that a couple are not two individuals, but that once they marry they become one soul. According to the concept of twin flames, when both partners complete their spiritual apprenticeship they become one soul.


The concept of twin flames asserts that the Universe has designed two souls, one female and one male, to meet here in earthly reality and together complete a spiritual apprenticeship. They then become one soul and rise spiritually to a higher level of consciousness. Bible reference to twin flames can be found in the book of Proverbs. There it says: “If we seek God’s will, he will direct our paths”. That means that if we faithfully believe in God he will guide us in all areas of life. That includes love, therefore he will guide us to meet the ideal person for us. God wants us to be happy in our marriage, so He already knows who our perfect partner is. We only have to follow his teachings and our ideal partner will come into our life.


In the Old Testament there is a reference that could be related to the concept of twin flames. It mentions the Hebrew word “Yada” which means “to be known, to be respected” and refers to the sexual relation. It does not refer to the physical union only, but to the soul union that implies a sexual relation. This physical union must be between two individuals who know each other deeply. The concept of twin flames affirms that the soul union is expressed through sex, in addition to other areas. Both the Bible and the concept of twin flames give sex a sacred character. The Bible says that sex should be expressed within marriage. If that does not happen, both individuals are sinning. The concept of twin flames does not require two individuals to marry in order to have sex or to form a family.

Love for oneself and love for one’s partner

In the Bible, the book of Ephesians says: “The husband should love his wife as his own body. He who loves his wife loves himself”. That means that an individual must first love himself, and then love his partner. The concept of twin flames asserts that one must first find love within oneself, i.e. love oneself. Then the individual is in a position to love his/her partner and, in turn, be loved by him/her. The love that an individual feels for him/herself is reflected in the love in his/her relationship. Therefore it is impossible for someone who does not love himself/herself to love another. In the same way it is impossible for an individual to be loved by another, if he/she does not love him/herself.


The term twin flames in the Bible is non-existent. However, there are numerous ideas that relate to the concept of twin flames. God wants us to achieve happiness in love and without a doubt the union of twin flames leads us to absolute love.



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