Twin Flames Tattoos: Symbols Of Love On Your Skin

4 min readJun 2, 2021

The twin flame union represents the strongest spiritual connection that can be experienced. Two twin flames are destined to be together forever because they must transcend spiritually in order to ascend.

Those who are fortunate enough to have found their twin flame during this lifetime express their happiness through tattoos representing the union they have.

Those who have not yet found their twin flame also tattoo images symbolizing the union of twin flames. These tattoos could attract the meeting with their twin flame during this existence.

Here are the best twin flames tattoos ideas to celebrate love.

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Triality symbol

The Triality symbol perfectly represents the union of the twin flame. In the image you can see a circle, a triangle, the number eight in horizontal position forming the symbol of infinity and two flames in the center, which represent the two individuals who will later unite to become one soul. The image in general describes the spiritual journey that both twin flames make until they achieve ascencion. The Triality Symbol is the perfect image to choose as a twin flame tattoo.

Infinity symbol

The Infinity Symbol is represented by an image of the number eight in a horizontal position. This icon manifests eternity, fidelity, loyalty, trust and love without limits. From the spiritual point of view it represents the healing of the soul and the elimination of negative energies. This image is very powerful and can harmonize any conflicting and unstable twin flame relationship. This icon is a great twin flame tattoo, because it represents the eternity of the bond.

Yin Yang Symbol

This image from Chinese culture represents two opposing forces that complement each other harmoniously. This icon manifests the feminine energy and the masculine energy that need each other to evolve. Both energies are within us and as we evolve spiritually we bring them into balance. This is one of the most popular twin flames tattoos among the most estranged couples.

Celtic knot of eternal love

The Celtic Knot of love symbolizes the harmony between the spiritual plane and the earthly plane, something that is in coherence with the bond of twin flames. In the image we can see several knots, which means that everything around us is connected to each other. This symbol shows that true love is unlimited. It has no beginning and no end, moreover it is perfected through successive incarnations. The Celtic Love Knot tattoo represents the merging of the twin flames.

Vessica of Pisces

The Vessica of Pisces is represented by two circles intertwined. This Latin icon manifests two twin flames that have a mission to accomplish on the material plane. It also indicates that this sacred bond is indestructible. It also alludes to the dual world where we live, although we later evolve to the spiritual plane. It manifests the full love between two complete beings who are made for each other. This twin flame tattoo symbolizes the happiness that comes with the bond.

Sun and Moon

Many twin flame couples choose to get tattoos with the images of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun represents the masculine energy and protects the Moon, the feminine energy. The Sun and the Moon complement each other perfectly, they are always together and need each other. In a couple of twin flames, the man tattoos the Sun and the woman tattoos the Moon to indicate the eternal union they manifest.

Twin flame Reiki symbol

The Reiki symbol of twin flames is represented by an image of a circle containing a heart. Inside the heart is a line that has a dot at each end. The heart symbolizes love, each dot symbolizes each twin flame and the line represents the spiritual path they must travel. This image is ideal for a twin flame tattoo for those who have not yet found that special someone. This symbol is powerful and can activate the meeting with your twin flame.


Twin flames tattoos are a wonderful way to represent this eternal love. If you have already found your twin flame you should choose together the image for that tattoo that will represent the two of you.

If you haven’t found that special someone yet, twin flames tattoos can activate the love energy in you.