Twin Flames Telepathy Love Making: An Extraordinary Ability

5 min readApr 12, 2021


The union of two twin flames is the most powerful spiritual connection that can be experienced during this lifetime. A twin flame couple has unique characteristics, which differ greatly from an ordinary couple.

Twin flames mirror each other, support each other in everything and once they meet in this lifetime they are destined to be together forever. One of the most extraordinary characteristics of twin flames is that they can make love telepathically. They have a connection that transcends physical reality, that is why they can have sex in this way.

Here is everything you need to know about twin flames telepathy love making.

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Context: you have not yet met your twin flame

Incredible as it may seem, you can feel sexual sensations with your twin flame even if you have not met him/her in this earthly reality. It may happen that you are alone and quiet at home and you begin to feel a sexual arousal for no apparent reason. You may even achieve climax when you are alone and not thinking about anyone in particular. This happens because you are already energetically connected with your twin flame even though you do not know him/her physically. Keep in mind that you are already united with your twin flame beyond time and space.

Context: you and your twin flame are already a stable couple

You and your twin flame are already in a stable relationship and for some reason you are circumstantially separated. It could be that you live in different homes, are traveling, or have separated temporarily. At any given moment the two of you feel that you are making love and you perceive it in a very real way. This happens because the truth is that you are always together because you belong to the same energetic source. Therefore it is entirely feasible that you can have sex telepathically. A connection of twin flames transcends earthly obstacles, achieving a soulful union in tune with the universe.

Fifth Dimension

The universe consists of eleven dimensions that correspond to different perceptions of reality. We inhabit the Third Dimension, i.e. our usual physical reality. The spiritual energy of the twin flames comes from the Fifth Dimension, which is superior to ours in every sense. Everything is possible in the Fifth Dimension: our goals, desires, aspirations, etc. When two twin flames have sexual relations telepathically, it is because that energy comes from the Fifth Dimension, crosses our Third Dimension and manifests physically in our reality. This telepathic phenomenon is difficult to understand for our earthly mentality, which is limited to the five senses.

This is how sex between twin flames manifests itself

The phenomenon of twin flames telepathy love making is a feasible fact although it seems impossible to most people. Sex between twin flames is a physical, spiritual and mental expression at the same time. When they make love they awaken the kundalini energy, which is the basis of joy, bliss and spiritual fulfillment. For this reason sex between two twin flames is extraordinary and can only manifest between the two of them. Twin flames belong to the same energetic source and are connected in every way, so they can have sex without the need of physical presence.

A full connection

Telepathic communication between two twin flames involves the heart, soul and spirit of both individuals. They connect through the seven chakras, which are seven energetic points that encompass the mind and body of each individual. As time passes and the bond between the two of them strengthens, the telepathic communication between them becomes clearer and more fluid. They acquire specific and extraordinary spiritual abilities. Logically this is transferred to the sexual plane, so they can have sex telepathically. As the relationship strengthens, the twin flames begin to ascend spiritually to fully harmonize with the universal order. This wonderful union raises the vibrational frequency of the entire planet, benefiting us all.

A powerful connection that transcends physical reality

Some twin flames couples have developed such a powerful connection that they can intentionally engage in telepathic sex. This occurs when they must be separated for travel or work reasons, so they will be physically away from each other. They schedule a time of day for telepathic lovemaking. The amazing thing is that they achieve a real and fully satisfying experience for both of them. Twin flames have this spiritual ability that they acquire because of the deep connection they have always had, even before they were born on this earthly plane. Although to ordinary people this may seem crazy, the reality is that for them it is possible.


The phenomenon of twin flames telepathy love making can also happen in the oneiric world. This can happen whether you already know your twin flame or if you have not met them yet. It can happen that you dream that you make love with your twin flame. This is a lucid dream where you perceive the facts in a very real way. You may reach orgasm and wake up with a beautiful feeling of happiness. In case you have not met your twin flame, you may experience the same, although you may not clearly see the face of your twin flame. This happens because you and your twin flame are connected on all planes, including the astral and oneiric planes.


The phenomenon of twin flames telepathy love making is absolutely real, although the earthly mentality questions it harshly. The spiritual connection of two twin flames transcends all obstacles of the physical plane, making it possible for two individuals to communicate telepathically, even for lovemaking. The twin flames are linked together through the soul, mind, body and spirit. They belong to the same energetic source, therefore they are always together even if they are physically far apart. This connection is so powerful that it can be perceived even if the twin flames do not yet know each other. Remember that they have belonged to each other since before they were born. They meet again on this physical plane to transcend together spiritually.