Understanding Twin Flame Physical Similarities

Twin flame physical similarities are one of the (many) things people disagree on. As a (brief) roundup this is really what you need to know:

  • You are likely to see both physical and emotional similarities with your twin flame.

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A man and a woman who are twin flames can have a great resemblance to each other, in their physical bodies they have many similarities, in twin flame physical similarities, the resemblance in the line and shape of the nose is the most notorious and it is so significant the reason of this organ that it is used for the identification of people, they also resemble each other in the things they most desire with the soul and in the tastes.

The twin flame physical similarities can be seen not only in the profiles of the flames, but in their whole body, and they come to have more similarity than two brothers or sisters, although not all the time it is fulfilled, the twin flames can have the same color eyes and their hair with the same texture and color.

If you use the third eye, the sixth sense to observe the similarity of these flames, you can discover that weight, height, and race are aspects that have no validity in this comparison, and that on the contrary the most important races come from the same matrix, from the same mold, which served to make the two parts, one masculine and the other feminine.

According to high spiritual studies, it is said that the spirit is the author of matter, the egg of creation with its white light is the one that has been broken into two half parts, in order to create a woman and a man who have the same essence of the soul, the same inner nature and the same physical conformation.

Nature has its laws, which repeat themselves according to established patterns in all living beings and in all dimensions, the universe moves through the masculine and the feminine, they have an origin that unites them and governs them, and for their spiritual union to be lasting, both must evolve and achieve balance and virtue.

They must be honest, peaceful, faithful, understanding, harmonious, respectful and committed between the two, that is why incarnated creatures come from the same origin and can be very distant and live different experiences even for several lives, however their similarity of spirit and physical body is very evident, although it may happen that the two flames do not realize it.

Why do twin flames have similarities?

The twin flames are mirrors of our being, are a perfect reflection of what we are, reflect our vibrations, both negative and positive, the superior being sent one to be the perfect reflection of the other, so that a twin flame is the exact image of the other twin flame.

In reality, having the other half of the being is a wonderful gift of the universe, it is also surprising to be similar. Wonderful, is to realize that you are with your own reflection, that means evolution because the love of two spiritual halves, is understood from the truth, because the bond that unites them is made of pure true love, is made of the same light and is eternal, for the deep and indestructible being such a union in which you can recognize the universal love.



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