What Happens When Twin Flames Meet?

Your twin flame has the other half of your soul, which is the aspect that makes it so divine and powerful. Everyone goes through life wanting to meet their soulmates when they should be more concerned about meeting their twin flame.

While both your soulmate and twin flame share common characteristics, your soulmates get you ready to meet your twin flame. You can have several soulmates, but can only have one twin flame. When twin flames meet, this is a powerful connection on its own. In this article, we’ll be talking about the certain stages of meeting your twin flame.

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#1 Preparation

This is ultimately the stage where life gets you ready to meet your twin flame, whether that’s in the form of a hard lesson, experience, or person. You won’t likely cross paths with your twin flame if you’re not ready and this is the exact purpose of your soulmates. This is where you get the sense you want to meet your twin flame and have yet to cross paths with them when you’ve grown into someone better. You need to actively work on yourself and learn the necessary lessons you need to meet your twin flame. Trust that the Universe will eventually let you meet your twin flame when both of you are ready but for now, this is the stage you work on healing, growth, and restoration.

#2 First meeting

This is the stage you’ve been waiting for — when twin flames meet and enter each other’s lives. This means you’ve done the work and you’re now ready to meet your most divine connection in life. This is where you get the feeling your twin flame is somewhere close, whether it’s in the form of a dream, a happy feeling, or something else. You may feel odd as if you’re happy, even if you aren’t in love, or as if something exciting is about to happen in your life. When this happens, you can be sure that you’re about to cross paths with them, and on the chances you do, you’ll know it immediately. A twin flame connection is just so powerful and intense that it’s impossible to miss it.

#3 Falling for your twin flame

This is the inevitable part of when twin flames meet as you can’t help but fall in love with one another. Since it’s all-consuming and powerful, you’ll feel that instant connection that you haven’t felt with anyone else. Falling for your twin flame is the most beautiful and extraordinary thing you will and you’ll feel the pieces start to get together. Before you meet your twin flame, you’ll feel like you’re missing someone you’ve never met. This is the deepest connection you will ever feel and in falling for them, you’ll also experience the darkness that comes with it. You and your twin flame share the same soul, which means you feel exactly as they do. When you fall for your twin flame, it can be quite overwhelming if you’re not used to feeling everything, all at once.

#4 Turmoil

After falling in love with them, this is where the turmoil of your emotions start to occur. You’ll begin to see the issues start to arise, mostly these are the baggage you or your twin flame has failed to heal from. One of the purposes of twin flame connections is that you help your twin flame heal from certain things they can’t do alone. This is the stage where the conflict will arise in the relationship that will test the intimacy and love you have for one another. Whatever bliss and happiness you felt in the prior stage with your twin flame, that feeling will double with negativity and conflict arise. This is also the stage where you and your twin flame may hurt one another, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

#5 The chase

In a twin flame relationship, one acts as the chaser and one as the runner — oftentimes after conflict and turmoil happen. The one who can’t deal with the overwhelming emotions that comes with the relationship is often the runner as they have some unresolved issues they haven’t personally healed from yet. The runner in the relationship will act cold, distant, and unattached to you as they may be trying to protect you from themselves or aren’t ready for you. They could also be afraid of intimacy and attachment, which is why they’re running away from you.

#6 Surrender

Unfortunately, separation is a normal stage that happens in the course of a twin flame connection. Both individuals often need time alone to realize their part in their twin flame’s life and whether or not it’s a relationship they can truly handle. This is also where they can work on their issues individually, without feeling overwhelmed by the other. Separation is necessary so that reunion can take place when both are ready.

#7 Reunion

Twin flame connections are so powerful that a reunion has to take place because there’s no denying the evident truth. Not everyone is lucky to experience a reunion with your twin flame so when you do, both individuals have done their part in healing and growing themselves. When reuniting with your twin flame, this is where you start to remember all the good things in your relationship in the past. Recognize how rare it is to get together again with your twin flame and open your eyes to the connection you have with them as others are dying to meet their twin flame.

In conclusion, I hope this article was able to help you gain insight into the stages when twin flames meet. Although it’s an intense and overwhelming connection, this is a relationship that’s unlike any other. You have to go through all the stages in your twin flame when you do cross paths with them. It may be intense, but nobody will understand and get you in every aspect the same way that your twin flame will. Take this as an opportunity to be in a connection that’s divine and powerful because you only have one twin flame in this world.




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