When the Twin Flame Chaser Moves On

5 min readOct 19, 2020

Can the twin flame chaser move on? What happens when they move on? Is this even the real thing or is this just a false twin flame?

It’s perfectly normal to be racked with doubt, especially during the early stages of the journey and oh boy is it common for the chaser to feel like they’re ready to move on.

It can feel like the beginning of the end. Often I hear people tell me they’re ready to move on and give up on ever being together with their twin but I get to chuckle a little to myself when I hear this.

It’s really the beginning of the next step.

While the roles of runner and chaser can reverse multiple times throughout the journey, it’s when both twins have done enough shadow work to stop chasing that they’re ready to move on to a higher frequency and reach union together. What feels like the beginning of the end is really the beginning of the true beginning.

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How the twin flame chaser moves on

Destiny foresees that the twin flames will have to go through stages in their long and arduous journey towards their eternal union. To fulfill each one of these stages, they must travel through paths full of complications, without tastes, disappointments and sadness, passing through occasions when one of the flames takes the initiative, and is the one that learns, the one that seeks, the one that tries to lead, the one that teaches and the one that pursues; this flame is known in the world of the twin flames as the hunter.

The other twin flame is the one that flees, the one that tries to get away, the intense love that is lived in the relationship causes it an anguish, it comes to feel fears, and its insecurity is caused, it is very difficult for it to accept that such an immense and divine love can be real, this twin flame is known as the runner.

Most people think that the flame is the hunter because she is the one who seeks, who takes the initiative, who seems to be the one who corners, she will keep that position, but with this way of acting she gets frustrated and is invaded by despair, by the rejection of her flame, because she has to be constantly looking without finding anything, Insisting without succeeding, giving love to the maximum without receiving anything, and pursuing without reaching, all these negative experiences that the hunter goes through, reach a limit where he gets discouraged, where he loses all illusion and where he is irremediably exhausted by the tiredness that all these factors against him cause.

What happens when the hunter gets tired

The hunter flame knows very well what it feels, and it is aware of the great love that it harbors in its soul and heart for its twin flame, in its being it has envisioned the future that it aspires to share with that being that now flees from it, its life plans with that flame have fed it with beautiful emotions,

However, that flame always moves further away from him, the flame rejects the possibility of feeling loved to such an incredible extent and for that reason is that it seeks to flee and acts with much indifference, its actions, thoughts and words cause constant damage to the hunting flame.

Even though the two twin flames may feel a great and pure love in the same way, the runner does nothing to recognize that love, her instinct leads her to hide, to remain unreachable and to ignore the twin hunter flame, and she seeks in a sharp way to hide from herself the love she feels and wants to hide.

All of this results in the hunter getting tired of looking for the runner and comes to surrender, and acts in a way that favors the separation with his twin flame.

With this separation, the runner and the hunter realize that they have not achieved an adequate preparation to have a relationship of a sublime nature, an excellent relationship, where egos and complexes do not exist, where conflicts do not prevail, the perfect relationship that is destined to be lived by the twin souls, but that can only be lived once they reach the necessary preparation for it.

While they are separated, the hunter flame has to learn how to love himself, and for this purpose he starts a work to achieve better his inner self, with this work that he undertakes, he seeks to reach high spiritual levels, in order to find the ascent to the light, and directs his work to dispense with dependence, to reach his freedom and feel fully independent.

The spiritual union of both souls is written on the destiny, so every change achieved by them, or every change passed by each one of them is automatically reflected on the other, and because of this, the time taken by the evolution of the hunter will be the time taken by the flame runner to return to him.

The purpose that the hunter flame pursues in this phase of the relationship is to heal itself, is to seek enlightenment at all costs, is to work to achieve the ascent by increasing its energetic vibrations to reach a very high spiritual level, with this attitude it achieves benefits for its own interior and reflecting as a mirror to its other half, to its twin flame, to the corridor.

In this way, the hunter flame goes on, before the rejection of the runner flame, it focuses its time and energies on healing, on advancing in its preparation to be ready for the longed-for and dreamed-of reunion with its other half, and for this it relies on patience, on understanding that this path is not a competition counting the time, it knows that no matter how much time passes, that the union will come at the moment it has to come.

These two flames in the beginning originated from the same egg, which was divided into two equal parts, which were created to be together, so the time that passes, will only be a number in their existence, everything will depend on the path that the twin flame chaser moves on, developing fully, striving to evolve, and becoming an entity radiating light, the runner flame will finally assume its role, will finally understand its wonderful destiny, and will return to the hunter, and when that happens, the union will be wonderful, and the happiness that will seize you will be indescribable, you will recognize the love that arose between the two and will live it to the fullest.