Why Twin Flames Run? Several Reasons Explain This Phenomenon

4 min readApr 6, 2021

The union of two twin flames manifests the most powerful spiritual connection an individual can experience during this lifetime. A twin flame relationship expresses a perfect love where two individuals are made for each other.

They come from the same energetic source and are destined to evolve together spiritually. Although a wonderful romantic relationship, it is incredibly complex. The dynamics of a twin flame relationship are composed of a chaser and a runner. The chaser wants to establish a solid relationship while the runner wants to avoid this bond. The question naturally arises: “Why twin flames run?”

Here are the main reasons why a twin flame runs away.

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Your twin flame has not evolved spiritually enough

You and your twin flame have already met, fallen in love and you want to establish a solid relationship with him/her. Your twin flame does not agree with you and avoids a stable relationship. You are the chaser and he/she is the runner. This happens is because your twin flame has not evolved spiritually enough to face a romantic bond of such intensity as this one. Your twin flame needs time to be ready for this relationship. You must wait patiently and dedicate yourself to feeling good about yourself. The two of you are destined to be together even if it takes your twin flame a while to realize it.

A mirror of the soul

During the development of a relationship, each twin flame reflects the other, as if it were a mirror of the soul. Sometimes this reflection manifests dark aspects of one of the twin flames, which generates displeasure. He/she prefers to flee and avoid what bothers him/her about him/herself. Your twin flame is not ready to face complex aspects of his/her personality, so he/she turns away from you. However, he/she will have to face his/her dark side at some point and then he/she will be ready to come back to you.

Fear of not deserving such a perfect relationship

You and your twin flame get along incredibly well and surprisingly he/she pulls away from you. You are baffled and you ask yourself: why twin flames run away? Some individuals have a mental programming that makes them believe that romantic relationships have many negative aspects. The twin flames spiritual connection demands a great emotional surrender from both individuals. Some of them are not ready for it. However, once you have met your twin flame you cannot be happy with another person. That is why your twin flame will return to you when he/she understands that.

Emotional wounds from the past

A twin flame relationship has an emotional and spiritual intensity that brings out wounds from the past. As this bond develops, some twin flames come back to face unresolved traumas from the past. This has a profoundly negative impact on them and they prefer to end the relationship. However, once they heal their emotional wounds they return to their twin flame because they know they belong together. This process is long and painful, although it is necessary to evolve spiritually.

Fear of manifesting one’s own greatness

A twin flame relationship is profoundly transformative for the better. When you have a stable relationship with your twin flame you can manifest your own talents to the fullest and excel in whatever you do. This type of relationship allows you to express the best of yourself for the benefit of yourself and the environment around you. Believe it or not, many individuals are not ready for this and prefer to lead a “normal life”. However, when they evolve spiritually enough they return to their twin flame. From that moment on they feel ready to manifest the best of themselves.


A twin flame relationship generates great happiness even if it is extremely complex. That is why many people wonder: “Why twin flames run?”.

The reality is that a twin flame relationship involves a profound discovery of each individual. Many are not prepared for it and prefer to avoid the relationship. The universe designed a plan for twin flames to be together and evolve spiritually. This romantic relationship will generate a lot of happiness for both of them and will also have a positive influence on the environment. Therefore, once all obstacles are overcome they will remain together.